Saturday, December 20, 2008

Called To Serve Him, Heavenly King of Glory, Chosen Heir to Witness for His Name.

This Week Began like any other. Except for the snow. Thats uncommon in Oregon. Anyway, we received a call from the bishop saying that my mission call was in the mail as of the last friday. It was sunday. I was so excited, that meant that it COULD be there by monday! Well monday came and went. so did tuesday. wednesday was an interesting day. I swore it would come that day. We ended up checking like 3 times. the third time, was about 8 pm, and we decided to use the van to go down the driveway to the mailbox. Going down was just fine. However, there was no mail at all, let along my call. On the way back up my driveway, we got around the first bend before we lost traction. we started spinning, and ended up breaking both sets of cables on the van. Now unable to go anywhere, and since all the boys were there, there was no one up at the house jump on the ATV and come down and get us. so what did we do? we walked the remaining half mile up the driveway, and put the chains on my dad's truck. we went in and warmed up, and then went back down the driveway and this time left collin at the house just in case. So we went down, and connected the van to the truck, and that was a painstakingly frustrating process itself, but my dad would know more about that than me. Anyway, once we got them all connected, My dad got in the truck, and i got in the van, and with our phones connected, started up the driveway. We made it without incident, but we just barely made it. We haven't take the van out again since, but we knew at least now that we would not be taking the van to pick up my sister and brother in law from the airport the next day. So the next day rolls around, we take a friend to the airport, and do some christmas shopping, and then get Marissa and Richard. We came home, no problems, checked the mail, and there was a huge stack of mail. No envelopes big enough to be the call though. On Friday, i woke up late, and did very little in the moring. finally 3 o'clock rolled around, and i could no longer take it, so i hopped on the ATV and drove to the bottom of the hill. there was yet another huge stack mail in the box. but this one was different... there was a BIG white envelope around it all. I excitedly took it out and looked at the return adress- The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints- President's office. I looked at the recipient- ELDER Tayler Quin Christensen. I shouted, yelled, whooped- and a car drove past, with lots of people in it... i smiled and waved. then put my head down, got back on the ATV and raced back up to driveway. Upon ariving home, i stuffed the call up my sweatshirt and then carried the other mail in. My mom said she was sorry i didnt get my call, but marissa saw right through it, and i had to take it out and wave it in front of everyone. My dad wasn't home though, and my sister was unreachable, so i had to wait to open it. FINALLY after a few hours of snow play, at about 7:30, we called my sister Rochelle, my grandma, and a few other relatives and i was ready to open it... but then my dad and my Rochelle's husband BJ decided to set up the web cam. that took about 5 minutes. the whole time they were doing that, i had ripped open the envelope, and had the letter and the packet in my hand, but couldn't yet take it out... FINALLY the web cam was set up and i pulled the letter out and scanned it quickly. Now, before this My family had taken a poll on where they thought i would go. Knowing my family, i was not surprised to hear things like Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, and- heaven forbid- siberia. I personally had been hoping for Germany. I read it out loud. "You are assigned to labor in the Australia Brisbane Mission." THere was a deafening roar as my family cheered and yelled. I was very happy. I realized a little later that my mission would cover the whole North East quarter of australia, and then another realization hit me... it was in the souther hemisphere... all my seasons will be opposite from home. That will be interesting. There is so much more to tell but i will not bore you few readers. I will end now with my testimony. I know that I have been called by God to work in Australia. I know that that is EXACTLY where I am supposed to be. I know that this i God's work and that this is his true church. I know that Joseph Smith really was the intrument through which God restored the fullness of the Gospel to the earth in these latter days. I know That Christ suffered and died for all, and that thorugh him, all can be saved and return to live with heavenly father. I Love heavenly Father And Jesus Christ. This is Truly their work, and I am honored to be able to take part in it.

Monday, December 8, 2008

I know there aren't that many pics... i gotta get the other ones from my friends... dont worry, I'll have them soon. :)