Monday, October 27, 2008

pumpkin carving fun...

Cause thats just how we role. :)

oh so fun... someone bumped me right after this... i actually licked that stuff... eww...

this is my new FHE sister... she's here for the second half of the semester... we get along pretty well. I think we were pretending to be zombies...?

Sunday, October 26, 2008


OK so on friday i went to go see HSM3 with my friend Eve. ok i dont care what y'all think of me, cause i liked it. the music was awesome, the dancing was too, and there was more of both. i personally thought that it was better than the first 2. no problem. Collin, you need to see it, listen to "the boys are back." best song. fo sho. Anna, feel free to call me whenever and we can talk about it to your heart's desire. The rest of you, i never thought i would actually say this, but i recommend that you go see it.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Rest of the Weekend

Saturday Afternoon, after that grueling game of frisbee, and a hot shower, I went to hang out with my friend Eve, who sort of reminds me of Marissa except She's Hispanic. (But yes, Marissa, She's as short as you are:) Anyway, we went on a walk to the park, and we talked there for about an hour and a half or so, and that was very good. Then I walked her back home, and then went to get ready for my dance lab.
Dance lab is a requirement for social dance, where you go to a themed dance and they play music that so that you can practice what you learned in class. There's only 5 in the semester and you only have to go to 2. this was my first one, and i met my dance partner, Elisa, there, and Rochelle, you'll be happy to know that i was able to remembered most of what you taught me in Cha-Cha INCLUDING cuban action. :) Near the end of that lab, I met up with some girls that i met at the beginning of the semester.
The dance ended at 9, and after talking to these girls for a few minutes, they invited me over to their appartment to watch chic flicks (they remembered that i had told them at the beginning of the semester that i actually enjoyed quite a few of them) so i went home and changed out of my formal clothes and headed over there. They had also decided to have a "roommate sleep over" which pretty much consisted of them moving all 6 of their matresses out into the living room, and sleeping on them. anyway, their mattresses were all out there, and we watched Pride and prejudice. Unfortunately, Curfew came around sooner than wanted and so i had to leave early. So I went home, and went to sleep.
I got up around 7 so i could make to ward council by 8 and church by 9. church was very good, and productive. afterwards, I went hometeaching, and got all 4 people in an hour and a half. After that, I went back home, and Went over to Eve's appartment again, and helped her revise an essay, and then make dinner and dessert, which i didnt eat but thats ok, I had dinner planned elsewhere anyway.
The girls fromt he night before invited me to go stadium singing with them, which is the BYUI equivalent of singing in the tunnel for all you provo people. So that was fun, and then we went back to their apartment, where all the matresses were sitll arranged on the floor. A pillow fight broke out and lasted for about 15 minutes, and then they decided that we were going to watch Enchanted. I was the only guy there excited about that... but thats ok, I got over it. Once again however, I had to leave before the movie got over.
That was Pretty much my weekend. Mom, You might be entertained to know that i have taken up your habbit of conducting the music I listen to while I walk from place to place. I've attracted Many ammused, confused, and just odd faces from people. That part is very entertaining to me though. :) Its interesting to really think about some of thses songs that i know very well, and realize that some of them have crazy time signiatures, and some of them are not nearly as complicated as they sound.
Anyway, sorry this is just a long block of text and no pictures, but I will try to take some and get some from my friends who have cameras.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Weekend- Through Saturday Morning

This weekend has been a very entertaining one. It sorta started on wednesday. I was Walking Out of my friends apartment and home around 5, when i saw 4 girls with grocery bags all the way up their arms attempting to get to their dorm. So, I, having a decent upbringing, offered to help carry the groceries in. I did so, and left. Now fast forward to Friday, and i was walking home from a scripture study group that i started, and I'm walking across the Taylor Quad, and a girl walked towards me. At about 10 feet away, she said "oh my gosh, your the guy that helped us with groceries, right?" at that point i had to to think fast to remember it, but i affirmed that yes, in fact i was. She then explained that her roommates and her were playing truth or dare, and she needed to get a guy to kiss her on the cheek. I was happy to oblige :) Anyway, afterwards, I talked to all of them for a while, and they invited me over to their apartment to hang out since it was friday night. so i did, and we had fun, and i got home in time to get a decent nights sleep before i had to get up for my ultimate frisbee game this morning. Unfortunately i never really had any really great plays, but my team, (the VIKINGS) Won in a blowout, 13-6. Wa BAM! :) Thats the update so far.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Make custom t-shirts at
This one was just one I did for fun. And I would say that its pretty true. :)

Make custom t-shirts at

Hey all! i thought that since i was already doing the Relient K thing, I'd post this T-shirt I designed a while ago. Enjoy!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tested in Dance class today

So Today I Tested for swing in my social dance class. Twice. The First test was with my actual dance partner, Elisa Guzman, and we scored a 95, and both of us received that score (by the way we incorporated a pretzel for all you that care :). The second test was with my friend Coleen, who I am not as familiar dancing with, so she was the only one being tested on that one, and She got a 94. So pretty much I'm not horrible at leading, but I could definitely use some work. Anyway, we are starting Cha-Cha on wednesday, so that will be so fun! More dance updates to follow. :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gibberish is not a nice way to talk to all your- Mork Swax

Well this is my first blog i have ever posted. My URL might be slightly confusing, so I'll explain myself. In trying to come up with a clever name, my siblings and I tried to come up with different words that would fit my personality as well as the time in my life. Ideas included such things as "Tayler's Brain Dumps," "Cranial Journey," "U cant touch this," and so forth. Eventually I Ended up scrolling through my music and found a song called "Gisbberish" by Relient K. One of the most common "words" in the song is "Paravillatiniay." We thought this would be a very entertaining title. So we looked up the lyrics to make sure we spelled it right, and there you have it. Paravillatiniay.