Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Week

Hello My Family and My Friends!
i Just have to start off by saying thank you for all your emails this week. i had another very frustrating week, which seemed to just drag on and on, and i couldn't seem to get anything done. so this was such a nice contrast to the frustration i've been feeling all week. Anna, yours stories were awesome. thanks for sending those to me. i've never actually heard from any of the siblings what they were thinking and feeling during my surgery. just mum and dad. that was so sweet, thank you. Mum and dad, you've done it again, just wrote out exactly everything i've been needing to hear. its amazing how God's tender mercies come at just the right time. well, i suppose you'll be wanting to know why my week has been so frustrating. thankfully, Elder Purser was NOT a source of frustration at all. in fact we've become fast friends, and it just never gets old, bantering back and forth about England and America. anything from the revolutionary war to today's events. its pretty entertaining actually. and mixed in there have been some really good discussions about the Gospel. so, my first impression is officially false, and there are no problems there. the real reason why this week was so frustrating, was because i still dont know the area as well as i would like to, and i still ended up getting lost a few times this week going places that i've been many times. it was sad. also, we had one investigator that we've been trying to have a lesson with, and we tried 3 times before we finally gave up this week, because he went back to work, so he's gone for the next 5 days. it was LAME. we did a lot of service this week though, and got to get pretty dirty doing it, so that kinda eased my tension, which was nice- I learned how to tile stuff. it was cool. that's a messy job that i enjoyed as well. its funny how satisfying it is to get dirty doing service. its totally different from how missionaries usually are. so that was fun. but, most of the week was spent with fruitless tracting, GQing, finding, following up with potentials that werent really interested. the one AWESOME thing that happened though- we followed up with a family- phillip and maria. they're south African. maria was all over EVERYTHING we were saying. hanging on every word. it was awesome. i did most of the talking... i tend to talk a lot when it comes to teaching... been trying to get over it... but Elder Purser was also a very good addition the sorta all in one lesson we had with them. but we set up an appointment with them for this wednesday... which is tomorrow for me. so we're really excited about that. oh, and there last name is Bam... i know how cool is that?! then yesterday was the Queen's birthday, so it was a public holiday, so we couldnt shop or email because everyone is closed! so it was a prime finding day. so we didnt find anyone new, but we made another return appointment with lady that we found last week. so that was good too. but thats basically been the week. this next week will be zone conference. it's be a bit different than last transfer, because President Richards goes home soon! the 1st of July. so for some reason its going to be this coming monday, which most likely means that i probably wont be emailing that day. so just so's you know. but thats it. oh, the new mission president's name is president Langland. he's from Utah (shocker) and he's a delivery doctor, (i forgot the actual name for it...) so thats that. the week. Dad, your prayer sounded like it was awesome. i'm sure it touched a lot of people's hearts. Mum, you did send that CD and i know just the song you're talking about. i listened to it on sunday. it was way good. and whitney, i got your letter, so expect a reply sometime in the next week or so.
ok well, i Love you all! have an amazing week!
Elder Tayler Christensen