Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tribute to My Dad

Tribute to Dad

There are few pleasures in life greater than being son,
When his father has taught him how to work straight,
And not quit, ‘til the job was done.

When son crashed and scraped his knees and face,  
Father rushed to his aid,
“It’s ok to fall, if you stand up- stand up and take yourplace.”

When son rebelled, and thought he knew what was best,
Father came in his time of need to help him pass histest,
And though he did not bail his boy out,
His love and counsel were enough,
To remind the boy that it wasn’t too late to forsake, andchange his route.   

When the time came for the boy to leave and serve theLord,
Father’s tears broke the boy’s heart,
But his embrace gave him the strength to go, go andpreach the word.

When the boy married to be with the woman of his dreams,
His father counseled him best when he said,
“Love her every day, every day make sure she beams.”

Father’s responsibility to raise me to manhood now is all but done,
But to this day I am honored above all
When people say, “you are your father’s son!”

I'd love to say that I spent days and weeks writing this poem for my dad. He deserves at least that much work for something like this. However, I'm happy to say that in the hour it took me to write this, I was reminded of each spotlighted incident very poignantly, to the point of tears, as if I was not the one who actually wrote this poem. The idea to write it, and the memories that influenced it's production came from a power beyond me that knew that to me, a simple phone call would not be enough to give my dad the honor and the gratitude that he deserves. I love you dad!