Thursday, January 8, 2009

Its a Wonderful Life :)

I have been impressed lately with the blessings in my life, especially those that have occured more recently. I Left rexburg just as the first real snows were coming down, and got out to the airport just before the roads got really dicey. My Flight from salt lake city and subsequently from Reno, were uneventful, and on time. I got home the day before the heavey snows started. After that, it would have been hard to get me. during the snow, we were fortunate enough to have my sister marissa and her husband richard fly in. We were able to pick them up safely, and before the any melting began or refreezing of snow. Also, despite the evident lack of concern for safety when playing in the snow, the boys and i were able to have fun using a combination of rope, the sleds, and the ATV... no injuries... several close calls. Also during this time, my misison call came, which was amazing. After the snows melted, I was able to apply for my passport to australia, and am awaiting it's arrival. Lately it has been raining quite a bit and there has been flooding, and I keep thinking how lucky i am to live on top of a hill made of bedrock and clay... no flooding, and no chance of a landslide. On top of all this, i stay home while my siblings all go to school, and have had some great talks with my mom, who is also helping me largely get my mission stuff done... I am so blessed! i cannot thank God enough for his grace and his tender mercies.