Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Weekend- Through Saturday Morning

This weekend has been a very entertaining one. It sorta started on wednesday. I was Walking Out of my friends apartment and home around 5, when i saw 4 girls with grocery bags all the way up their arms attempting to get to their dorm. So, I, having a decent upbringing, offered to help carry the groceries in. I did so, and left. Now fast forward to Friday, and i was walking home from a scripture study group that i started, and I'm walking across the Taylor Quad, and a girl walked towards me. At about 10 feet away, she said "oh my gosh, your the guy that helped us with groceries, right?" at that point i had to to think fast to remember it, but i affirmed that yes, in fact i was. She then explained that her roommates and her were playing truth or dare, and she needed to get a guy to kiss her on the cheek. I was happy to oblige :) Anyway, afterwards, I talked to all of them for a while, and they invited me over to their apartment to hang out since it was friday night. so i did, and we had fun, and i got home in time to get a decent nights sleep before i had to get up for my ultimate frisbee game this morning. Unfortunately i never really had any really great plays, but my team, (the VIKINGS) Won in a blowout, 13-6. Wa BAM! :) Thats the update so far.