Monday, May 18, 2009

The MTC is treating me well.

Well, the MTC is treating me well. It's way more studying than i have ever done in my life. I'm sure that doesnt come as much of a shock to most of you, but hey, its true. I've been able to teach several lessons for practice, (14 this week) and that has been very helpful. we just started lesson 2 this weekend too. its a lot of doctrine to be covering in one lesson, but thats ok. I like it. This last week has been amazing. I have really been able to bond with my district, and we're becoming brothers. yesterday, for sacrament meeting, we sang "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief" as a whole district. Not gonna lie, it was amazing, and the spirit was so strong, we all had to fight the tears down just so we could finish. On a more funny note, I was in the Referal Center on Wednesday and Took a call from a homeless man in missouri. He was calling from a Hotel Room, and wanted the whole Mormon History. I Gave him a brief run-down, and we had a long conversation about various things. The funniest part was when he started talking about polygamy. He wasn't even fased that it had happened, he thought it was funny, and then when i told him that we didnt do it anymore, he was like, "good, its not a sin, its just stupid. You have to buy all of them jewlery and toiletries, and then they all start PMSing at the same time, and gang up on you..." among other things that i wont repeat. I have to say though, i Got a kick out of it, and so did my district. We listened to it again later in the week. Anyway, thats the week's run-down. Thanks for all the letters, i really appreciate them, keep them coming! :)
Elder Tayler Christensen