Tuesday, June 9, 2009

All Hail the Queen!

Hello family and friends!
well, in explanation of my late email, it was the queen's birthday on monday, and we make it a practice to always proselyte on holidays cause everyone is at home! so we did. most people were home. we had some VERY interesting conversations one in particular with a guy who was probably in his 50's who was a psychiatrist of some sort who wouldn't shut up about how God doesnt speak to man, and how he had the bible all figured out, and how he changes over time... really quite entertaining, but it made me so sad because i realised how lonely and dark a life that must be- but we definitely planted some good seeds elsewhere. then, tuesday was zone conference, which was amazing- president richard's son gave a training on effective tracting and street contacting. i took like 5 pages of notes on just his talk. so that was good. so today, wednesday is the day for p-day. sorry bout that. anyway, its been a crazy week. Leticia, who we started teaching 2 weeks ago, dropped contact with us for a while, cause her mom freaked out again, but came to church again this last sunday. She said she just needs to wait for her mom to get hear, and then calm her down before she gets baptized... so it probably wont happen this transfer, but she IS getting baptized. So we will continue to work with her. Also, We satrted teaching a girl named Georgie who lives with a less-active member. Her partner, Dan, isnt at all interested in coming back to the church, but georgie is eating it up! Completely Golden. we taught her the first 2 lessons last week, and she was so excited! I have never seen someone so intensely focused on what i was saying before. I cant even describe how that room felt, it was amazing, the spirit was so strong, and she wants to learn more so bad. She's reading, and praying and calling her partner's mother who is active for questions she has, and just eating it up! She's been to church every week, and loves it. Tonight is going to be her moment of truth though... Dad i dont know if you remember "The District" but the part where they tell that one couple that they either have to get married or move out before the lady can be baptized... ya we're doing that EXACT same thing with Georgie tonight. We're covering the 3rd lesson and the law of chastity. so hopefully she'll see the wisdom in that. Also, we are teaching a Nepalese guy who the sisters before us had taught, and committed to baptism. He's going to be baptized for sure, but he moved too quickly and didnt include his wife in the decision and she freaked out. so we're still working with him, but he post-poned his baptism. He also needs to quit smoking, so we are working with him on a stop smoking program that the church puts out, and he's already made significant progress.
ok, so i asked my mission president if I was allowed to email the siblings- unfortunately i can't- but i can write to them in this email, and ya'll can email mom or dad and they can forward it to me. sorry guys.
anyway, Dad, you are right, the feelings of inadequacy and homesickness have indeed kicked in. I spent a long time on my knees and in journal and in the scriptures trying to get over it. finally, I just said, this is not about me, or about getting home. its about God's children, and THEM getting home. when i had that thought, i had so much peace come over me, it was almost intoxicating- addictive. it helped me get through the day on monday. now, i think im back to normal. but dad, your advice was well-timed. Also, Just this morning in my personal study, i did indeed read about what makes a missionary successful. Made my day. :)
you are so lucky you can play the piano. I am just realizing how incredibly effective it is to learn. you can play ANYWERE, and some investigators love it when you can play a church song for them. Keep it up. Also, you will be interested to know that I am still driving the car, and I'm getting better at it. I'm to the point now that going back to America and driving there will be weird. And no, we actually dont even have bikes. the office still hasnt sent them. we're not exactly sure why.
I am so happy to hear that you are doing so well! Ya, you know how the blinker stick is on the left side of the steering wheel and the windshield wiper turner-oner is on the right side of the steering wheel? WELL, its opposite here, so im used to turning on the blinker, and all I do is turn the windshield wiper on! :P oh, and we had our first real day of winter yesterday. it got down to a whopping 67 degrees last night! brrrrrrr!
What? no email? hmmm.... well i hope you're doing good, missy. Good luck with your dance recital! i wish i could see it! you'll have to have someone take video or something and send me the SD card.
EMAIL ME. i want to hear about you too. tell me about califoria! and your job, and everything!
well I'm glad you're feeling better. As it turns out, I didnt catch what my companion had, so im considering myself lucky. also, with that chinese woman that you VT, you are so right about not breaking contact with her! We had a training at district meeting about how crucial it is for investigators and less-active members to have fellowship in the their wards at church and out of church. contact with someone other than the missionaries WEEKLY is vitally important for them. So, you definitley have the right idea, keep it up! :)
Mom- haha... just your luck to go to all that work spraying and then have it dump on you huh? :P sorry to hear that. well the wind sounds like it was pretty intense. i kinda wish i saw it. that would have been cool. hope it didnt rip the flag up- we just got that thing.
haven't gotten your letter yet, but they only give mail at Zone conference, transfers, and then the district leader council. so... not often. but we'll see. anyway, i dont know when graduation is, or if it already happened, but im way proud of you!

anyway, i love you all, have a good week! I should be back on schedule next week. :)
Elder Christensen

ps- i remember you asking me if i have minesterial certificate- answer is yes. in fact i have 2. because they spelled my middle name wrong the first time. so i have 2 now. :P go figure. maybe ill send that one home so you can have a look at it. :)