Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oct. 12, 2010

Hello my Family and My Friends!
well, this has been an interesting week. We weren't able to get a whole lot done due to partly my back, which flared up pretty painfully most of the week, and also to the fact that really everybody cancelled on us. BUT, this weekend, we were able to get 2 new investigators at church, and a referral came through that was pretty strong as well. now here's the problem: i got transferred, as you are already aware, so i wont get to participate in any of that. but, i suppose there's no use crying over spilt milk. anyway, yesterday, at 6:55 my plane left from the Emerald Airport, but there were some complications at the airport before that, in that i was over my weight limit, AND when the mission secretary paid for my ticket, the credit card he used got declined. so, i was in a panic, i called the mission secretary, and he gave the number over the phone, which worked thankfully, and then he just waived the penalties for going over the baggage limit. so it was all sweet. so i got on the plane, with no dramas. an hour and a half later, i was in brisbane, where the missionaries in brisbane city picked me up. i got to stay the night with them, in the flat i was trained in! it was fun! then, we went to transfer meeting, and it was weird driving through brisbane... so many people, lots of cars, big buildings... it sorta scared me. :P anyway, at transfers, i got moved to mudgeeraba (muj-ruh-buh), which is on the Gold Coast. My companion's name is Elder Prina, and he's way cool. he was my district leader when i was in emerald the first transfer, and he was in rocky. he's been out just 6 weeks longer than me, so another one that i would have come out with in march, but with whom i will be coming home. so that should be good. the flat is really nice- small, but well equipped, and very comfortable. we live in walking distance from the library and shopping center, and we have a part-time car! yay! :D so that's pretty much been the week, and as for everyone up in Emerald, i gave them my business cards, and they will be keeping me updated with the happenings there, so i'm happy about that. i was very flattered when some people started crying that i was leaving. i really loved being in Emerald. when we come back, we are going there- and when we do, we'll like double the size of the branch, but thats ok, they'll love it. :D anyway, that was pretty much the week. we dont have a whole heap of time right now because transfers took forever, and gold coast is pretty far away from the city, so p-day is almost over, but next week there will be much more to tell i'm sure! aparrently it's a massive ward down here, so i'm kinda scared about that... but i'll tell yous all about it next week.
love yous all so much!