Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Me Mudder

There were a lot of awesome posts on sunday about awesome Moms, and several people in church praised their mothers' amazing qualities. I must say, to be fair, that every mother is amazing, just for being a mother. However, I hope all you mothers out there wont be offended when I say that MY mother takes the cake. She's the best, hands down. I heard stories from various people that had it hard with their mothers but still respected them, some who didn't really have a relationship with their moms for a long time and then later in life became close to them, and still others who felt that their mom was the greatest woman ever to walk the planet. I have to say I put myself with the third group. My Mom is the best. She raised six kids, 4 girls and 2 boys. She managed this without going crazy. She managed this without making an enemy of any of us. I dont think any of us could ever say "my mom and i dont really get along." Mom has always been there for me whenever i needed her, whether i deserved her help or not. there were several late-night projects that only got done because she helped. Mom always encouraged me, and all of us to be our best, and get better at whatever we did. She pushed us to develop our talents. Mom fulfills all of her motherly responsibilities. On top of all this, she directs 4- count them- FOUR community choirs. Thats not all though, no, not even close. She also started all these choirs, who each have a specific age group in them, and then she started a non-profit organization called the Voices for the Performing Arts, and has recently added a strings program to this organization. Her concerts are huge, and she writes the scripts for each, and directs the set make, and even decides what kind of lighting she wants. You'd think that anyone who stretched themselves that thin would be irritable and stressed and tired all the time. Not mom. Everyone loves her. I dont know a single person who knows her, and doesn't love her. My mom has a capacity to love that is just so rare among humanity. Even when i fell hard, as result of open rebellion to everything she had taught me, she was still there to pick me up, and help me heal. She has given great advice, and helped me make important decisions that have made all the difference. Mom isn't too good for anyone. She loves everyone. No one is below her. She lifts everyone to where she is. She manages to see the good in everyone. Mom is intelligent. She figures things out for herself whenever she can, but isn't to prideful to ask for help. I could keep going, but I think this is sufficient for now, I dont want to brag TOO much. I love you mom. You're the best.