Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Conservative Rant

Ok, I know that there are a lot of people out there right now that either dont care or dont know what is going on with the fiscal cliff, and gun control and whatnot. I'm not an expert, i'm just going off of my own research and what I'm seeing in the news (as well as what I'm NOT seeing in the news). First of all, how the HECK is raising taxes AND spending going to help the economy? how is raising spending going to help, mostly? I mean, it's one thing to give people a raise when they deserve it, and when the economy can support it, but really, Mr. President, you're giving raises to people who have driven this economy into the ground, and expect it to get better? Really? I dont actually know enough about the Fiscal Cliff to tell you whats going on there, but if the plan you're making is going to eventually throw us off of it, Imma not be happy!
Ok and gun control. What is wrong with the media?! There's this thing called accurate reporting, and you're not doing it! Yeah there's a heap of stories of people shooting other people and it's terrible, but you dont cover ANY events where people carrying guns actually stop BAD people carrying guns from doing any damage! That happens just as often. But no, the Media has an agenda, and so all you hear about are the tragedies cause by "guns." And can we PLEASE get something straight? People Kill People. Guns, knives, clubs, brass knuckles, and the like are simply weapons of choice. They cannon inherently kill anything. They require a PERSON to pull the trigger, thrust them at someone, and so on. And are you people who say we need more gun control blind to whats going on? Only the honest people who would NEVER kill anyone will follow the laws. I mean look at Chicago- completely "disarmed" and yet they have more homicides with a firearm than ever. If you think that making laws will prevent shootings from happening, think again. Plus, look at Switzerland. They issue EVERY 18-year-old a gun, and train them how to use them. Gun-related crimes? Almost none. LOGIC, people.
Ok, thats the rant. Comment if you like, just know that I'm not really trying to start an argument or even a discussion.