Sunday, January 17, 2010


Gooday family and friends!
what a crazy week. I'll start with the questions from Marissa.
So, what has been the highlight of your week?
the highlight of my week has also been a highlight of my mission. i have been struggling with some weaknesses of my own for some time, and have found it difficult to always be focused on the work. However, this past week, i have put a LOT of effort into overcoming these challenges, and lots of prayer. then, this week, i have felt the hand of the lord in helping me to focus, and leave those other distractions behind. I find myself more receptive to the spirit, and happier this week, than ever before in my mission. its an amazing feeling.

What's been the funniest thing that has happened to you?
ah, too many to count, but i cant remember many off the top of my head. understand, that many of the funniest things that happen are results of HARD out rejections. however, the other day we had our rubbish bin stolen, and we went without it for about a week. then we walked past a neigbor's house one day, and there it was. so, on the way home that night, it was still out, so my comp grabbed it as he walked by. as soon as he did that, the porch light from the house turned on, freaked him out, and he took off running to our house, rubbish bin in tow. turned out the light turned on because of a motion sensor. I laughed and laughed at him. He eventually thought it was funny too, but he seriously thought he was going to end up fighting some old guy or something.

What have you been the most grateful for?
Prayers. prayers of my own, prayers from yous, prayers from the ward, and prayers from my friends. so, in the words of Jon bon jovi, "oh! im (almost) half way there, whoa! living on a prayer! take his hand, and i'll make it i swear, whoa, living on a prayer!" k, sorta sac-religious, but hey, it worked in my head.

anyway, collin, i've used most of your coin tricks already, and have shown off your CD to lotsa people. they're impressed. Also, you sent me those balloons, and i have no pump, so i cant blow them up. so i tried putting water in them. surprisingly, i could make balloon animals with the water in the balloon, but they aren't very good at handling all the twists for very long, so before i got the bicture, the one i was doing blew up. then i realized that these balloons would make good water whips. and they do. we had a water fight of sorts with them. only like 4 of them, but still, it was fun. haha.
anyway, this week has been interesting. Sam more or less dropped us. cancelled our appointment, and we cant get in contact with her. so we dunno whats up with that. we're giving it one more go tonight after she should be back from work though. however, we had a lesson with a lady called viki, who is from Laos, (next to thailand) who was very interested in the book of mormon, and she came to church on sunday as well. Also, we taught sister coombs again this week, and she had lots of questions about the spirit world. i was so happy that i was able to answer her questions using the book of mormon, NOT including the index! I was also able to answer some of the covington's questions in the same way, just to give veronica (sabrina's sister who lives there) some peace and solace. she's having a rough go at life at the moment. so i was happy to help. the book of mormon is coming alive to me, and i can actually just pull stuff out of nowhere for most situations! it's great! i'm finding that i'm becoming a better teacher! yes, im teaching people now, not just lessons. its great. :)
besides that, i've been working on a head cold this week, just trying to get over it. but its all good. anyway, im sending pictures, hope you get them. im outa time though, love you all!
Love, elder Christensen