Wednesday, January 6, 2010

30 emails and i still have 25 minutes to respond- record reading time.

Family!!! Friends!!!... Everyone Else!!!
well i had a few questions so i'll answer those first.
first, my flat address is still 81 hampton st, durack, QLD 4077. BUT send packages to the mission office.
How are you feeling--back and shoulders?
pretty good. sometimes i sleep weird and that throws everything out of whack for the day, but its never anything excruciatingly painful.
What did you do on New Years?
had to be in the flat by 5 new years eve, so we got bored, had some sparklers, and NO, we didnt burn anything, BUT we found the firework function on my camera- basically just opens the shutter for longer, and wrote 2010 with the sparkler. then we were in bed my 10:30, but kept talking, so we were awake for the new year. but its just, "happy new year bro. 'night." haha. then we spent new years day with the Falesimas. thats the 3 kids we just baptized. but ya, we played rock band, and DJ hero with them- which we found out later was against the rules (oops) so we repented and we played pictionary with them, talked, explained temple stuff to their parents, then went home, to sleep for the next day of work! ya it was fun stuff-
What is your typical Sabbath day schedule?
Well, it USED to be, meetings at 9, visit people and harass them into coming to church from 10-11:30, go to church at 1-4, go home and study a bit unless we have an appointment, then go to dinner, then go back home. NOW, its church at 9, lunch after that, go visit people and harass people who didnt come to church, trade the car back, study, go to appointments, go to a dinner appointment, then go home. usually nothing too stressful for the sabbath.
Anyway, i got 30 emails from yous! 30!!! sheesh, not that im complaining or anything... haha. but the pictures were awesome! especially the ones of richard that BJ did- i really liked the stink face obama one. that made my day. :P everyone over here thinks he's the greatest thing since sliced bread including most church members, so that was refreshing. :P haha. oh and the one of collin getting his shotgun! ah! priceless. someone walking behind me while i looked at that got really scared that a shotgun was sitting in a 14-year-old's lap with wrapping paper... then when they heard my american accent, they werent scared anymore. it was humorous. i chuckled a little bit. :P anyway, I'm glad you all had such a fun christmas, and new years! it was so great to hear your voices! and i'll tell the covington's that you appreciated them mom, and dont worry, you'll meet them when we come back as a family for a family holiday in the summer. :D but glad yous are all doing so good. and the snow- deja vu- or however you spell that- anyway, we've had it pretty cool and cloudy and rainy for the last week or 2, its been nice, besides the constant 95+% humidity. but ya. good stuff. and we had a bit of luck with tracting- first off, dad, dont worry, we get B of M's for free- we just order a box of 50 from the office when we run out. and no, the TYPICAL Austrlalian doesnt take the Book of Mormon. BUT we've found some very NOT typical australians in the past few weeks, the most promising of which is an 18 year-old girl who previously met missionaries, still had the book of mormon they gave her, AND the pamphlet. turns out it was 2 sister missionaries, one of which is still in my district, the other i saw at the temple today. anyway, we had a great lesson with her (her name is sam) yesterday, and she readily accepted the invitation to read and pray, and to come to church, and she believes everything about Joseph Smith. so we have another lesson with her tomorrow, about the plan of salvation. so that should be good. we also have a few other people who have accepted Book of Mormons, (they're all islander though) who we are seeing later this and next week. so it should be all good. ok, well i have only a few seconds left, so i gotta sign out.
I love you all!
Elder Tayler Christensen