Thursday, December 24, 2009

Crazy crazy crazy

family! friends! i dont have heaps of time, so i'll make this short and simple. Elder Bartelt Got transferred today, and my new companion is Elder subritzky. He's Maori, from new zealand, and he's been in my zone so i already know him. Im senior comp, and driver now, so that'll be interesting. just so yous know, i'll be calling on boxing day, so christmas day for yous, i'll be calling from the covingtons, and i dont know exactly what time it will be, but i'll call for like 30 seconds first, and tell you what time i'll call, then actually call and expect to talk. it should be in the evening though. I'll call the house phone. oh, and yes, i got your package and letters, i got cara's letter, and i got whitneys package. i sent a package home last week, so yous should get it somewhat near to christmas. And im stoked that marissa and richard get to be there! everyone! yay! i get to talk to my whole family! :):):):):)

ok, well, thats about all i can write, but i will talk to yous on christmas! love you all so much!
Elder Tayler Christensen