Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dec. 7, for me, dec, 6 for you... i get to turn 20 twice. who wouldnt love THAT!?

Family! Friends!
thank you SO much for all of the emails this week! I have absolutely loved them all! unfortunately now I only have 23 minutes to respond to all 25 of them, but I'll see what I can do- just before I answer all the emails, I'll just fill yous in on some of the events of the past week. We spent the week with a mini missionary, named Kirk. He's 16, and Aussie. He was very knowledgeable, very willing to work, and asked HEAPS of questions. it was fun. We ate at the Covington's like 3 times this week, got into a water fight, (oops) :) then had interviews with president Richards. very educational. then, we had a day of tracting and walking around in cloud burst after cloud burst, and after ruining and partially fixing 2 silk ties from the rain, started wearing only polyester ties whenever there is even the smallest cloud visible. however, the highlight of the week, was Saturday. we went to Isiah Baptism! it was AWESOME!!! and Sabrina is doing really well too. but the coolest thing for me was Sunday. see, Elder Bartelt Baptized, so guess who got to confirm in sacrament meeting... come on... guess! its not that hard. oh. ya. ME! i was scared out of my mind! I'm still not completely comfortable with priesthood blessings, and now i had to confirm in front of the whole ward into a MICROPHONE. AHH! but, as i was excusing myself to go freak out that morning, all of a sudden i got goose bumps really bad (which i weird since the flat is usually somewhere around 80 degrees) and i just felt this overwhelming peace come over me. it was so awesome! i was so thankful it was fast Sunday too, because i felt like i needed that too. anyway, the confirmation came around, and it went just fine, i wasn't even nervous. only problem is i remember the whole thing basically- Dad this may just be me being weird, but everyone always says that if you don't remember what you said, that means the spirit was talking through you. If you remember everything but still feel good about it, does that still count? anyway, Sabrina was REALLY happy, and told me she was feeding me tonight, for my birthday and even said that i could bbq the chicken. (yeah, i asked to do it.) we also set in stone 3 more baptism dates for next week with the Falisima Kids. fruits of the labor coming through!
ok, now with 10 minutes remaining ill try and respond to all your emails. Dad- thank you for your email. it made my day. i about broke down, but decided that the library wasn't the place for that. :) so i kept control. the Christmas trees seem to be going well, and I took a look at the website, and the only correction I can think of for it, is that the mission is called the Australia Brisbane mission, not the Brisbane Australia mission. but other than that, it looks great! Thanks for everything you do Dad! I really appreciated your journal entries from your mission too!
mom- the concert sounds like it was amazing. and ya, i was a little bummed hearing about it and not being able to be a part of it, but i just played some of the eclipse CD and did my vocal percussion to it, and then it was all ok. Haha, drove Elder Bartelt nuts, but hey, you should hear him sing. :P thank you too for your journal entries- i feel special. :)
Marissa- thanks for your email! sounds like you had a blast in Oregon- you going to be there for Christmas or new years? either way, I'm sending your Christmas present to the house. :) yours too Richard. :D
Cara- you're cute. good on ya for getting the 96 on your anatomy test! That's better than I EVER did. and sounds like you had a good time with the concert too. :) When i come home, I'm being in at least one of them even if i have to be a grip.
Collin- 2 letters from you and a snail mail on the way! awesome! Great to hear from you! and sounds like the goat fence putting up was fun! :P
Anna- your cute! Can't wait to hear your voice on Christmas!
Whitney- hope you got your package, and thank you for your email. As always, they help me feel a bit better about myself.
Ok, i have 30 seconds left, sorry its being cut off short! I love you all! have a great week! talk to you soon!
Love, Elder Christensen