Sunday, November 29, 2009

ah, the ebb and flow of e-mail

gooday family and friends!
well the last couple of days have been indeed interesting. since wednesday, we have had lots of lessons. we had another lesson with Tia, and have had to push her date back to the 12th of december. it had been for the 5th. however, as of yesterday, we have talked to Isiah and his family, and now, we are baptizing him this saturday, the 5th, and are giving Dan, his dad the priesthood the next day. :) so that'll be cool. we're getting them to the temple ASAP. oh, last week we got told that we were going to have a mini missionary come. Basically, its just a priest-aged guy who comes and hangs out with us for a week. We met him at the chapel after sacrament meeting yesterday, and then took him back to the flat. His name is Kirk, and he's 16. so this next week should be fun. we have been having some really interesting comp studies as of late. we're studying the plan of salvation in depth, and in the last week, we havent gotten past the pre-earth life yet. its intense, and really really deep- we're afraid we confused our mini this morning... oops. oh well. :) I like deep doctrine stuff, so i'm enjoying the study. I almost have finished the Book of Mormon again too.
so, i got my birthday package! i opened the shirt. sorry. i know its not my birthday yet. couldnt help myself though. i also read Dad's journal entries from his birthday. i enjoyed those dad, thanks.
whitney- i decided what i want for my birthday. a box of wheaties. there is no good breakfast cereals here. :) and i'm glad you had fun at home- black friday shopping- haha something that is not present here. at all.
speaking of which, i actually had a thanksgiving dinner with a family in the ward. it was really good. it was funny too though, their idea of a BIG turkey here is like normal size for us. and there were no mashed potatoes! how the heck do you have thanksgiving without mashed potatoes? it makes for a less-full plate of food. but it was good. there was still plenty to eat. including taro and chop sui. :) that was the samoan twist to the dinner. good stuff. umm... well thats basically it. short week this week, and not much to reply to. so i'll let you know how this whole mini-missionary thing goes next week. and just so's yous remember- next p-day is my birthday!!! im turning 20! send me birthday mail! lots and lots of mail. that would just make my day. :)
ok, well, talk to yous later!
I love you!
elder Tayler Christensen