Monday, November 2, 2009

November Already!

Family! Friends!
thank you so much for all your emails this week! they have definitely made my day! :) Dad- your email cracked me up. especially the thursday garbage day thing- that was awesome. and the huge list of chores to do on the blank calendar day. good fun. I found myself wanting to help with the Goat fence- like i really want to help. haha, i realized this week, that i was shivering in bed and it was like 70 degrees still- im going to be STUFFED when i get home and its cold- im sure it will be entertaining though. :P Dad, thank you for putting my name on the prayer role- it has definitely helped. I have felt much better and more mobile as of late, so all good. oh, and i can touch my toes now! it hurts like nothing, but i can! yay!
anyway, this week has been good.
on tuesday, we went on trade-offs. i went with the greenie and we taught some lessons and did some tracting, and i had the opportunity to teach him some stuff- i didnt know i had anything to teach. so that was cool. i've been working on the new tracting method that we have really hard this week, and i'm starting to get it down now. and its working. :D wednesday, we did heaps of tracting. 5 hours. luckily it was pretty overcast and actually rained pretty hard for the first hour or so. thursday was District meeting, which went well, pretty fun. then friday was Elder Bartelt's birthday, so we celebrated by having a normal day of missionary work, and then spent 5 hours at our main investigator's house playing pool, eating pizza, having cake, and then having the last like 2.5 hours for a lesson and Q and A. it was good. Saturday was just heaps of tracting and walking and visting people. Sunday, we had Emily and James (main investigators) come to church, and they really enjoyed it, and James is really excited to get involved with the ward. We also set a baptisimal date with them for the 21st of november. so that will be good. transfers are on the 10th, so hopefully I'll be around for their baptism. we'll see though. Today we have movie day. :) we get to watch all the movies with the church stamp on them! :D anyway. this week has been really good. i've started being able to recognize the spirit prompting me to say things during lessons, and found that those things that i say as a result, end up helping the investigator a lot. I have been very happy about that.
anyway, my time runs short. i gotta go. i am praying for all of you, i love you all so much! be good!
Elder Christensen
ps. cara- happy birthday on thursday! btw, that day is also my bump mark- 6 months out!