Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Transfer This Month?

hey family!
thank you for filling my inbox! It makes me happy! and who's idea was it to send me the whole ping pong thing? trunky as, bro! haha. but sounds like yous all had a pretty full-on week. Cara, glad your b-day went so well, and i suppose its a good excuse for you to not write me. Dad, i dunno you've sent the package yet, but i forgot to make my request for the hydration pack in my last email- the full thing would be good, if thats ok, if not, the bladder is just fine.

anyway, transfers happened today, and drum roll please...............................
ok its not that exciting, nothing happened. Elder Bartelt and I stayed together again this transfer- we think there's someone we need to baptize- president doesnt generally keep missionaries together for longer than 3 months. but no one's complaining.

oh, and dad, maybe try looking at the forecast before you go out and spray heaps- just an idea. :D and the tree thing- good on yous! that will be way awesome if that deal goes through. i'll definitely keep that in my prayers. and, if it makes you feel any better, this weekend it rained every day, and it dumped hard, and we had a SWEET AS lightning storm. it just stayed above our flat for like an hour, and the thunder shook the flat- it was awesome!

and yes, i did tract in the rain. it was... well, fun. got soaking wet, and then, the clouds cleared up and it got hot, so we didnt change, cause the water was keeping us cool. but we got a member's couch wet- oops. :P anyway, this week was actually rather trying. we suffered for lessons to teach, and out golden investigators- emily and james- emily's parents came home, and flipped a switch when she told them that she was thinking about getting baptized. they went on the internet, and you can guess what they found. virtually everything. so we spent a long time correcting what they found, and we havent heard from them since sunday. We've had a rough time getting stuff done. people have no more common courtesy these days. people will schedule appointments, and then just be gone, or decide that they're too busy when we get there- this is especially trying when we dont have the car. but, life goes on. we will baptize this transfer. its baptize or bust. we've been in famine for 3 monts- time for a season of plenty. anyway, there were no more burnings this week, we ran out of time, and quite frankly, there isnt much around the flat to burn. so thats about all that has happened this week.

oh! just kidding, we had elder Nielson (new area president) come to a speacial zone conference, and that was really good. we had deep clean as well, and i repaired some of my pants- ya i sewed stuff. and it actually worked. :P it was pretty fun. but i suppose this week, my biggest thing has been my use of prayer. prayer is intense when you do it right. AKA-when you're awake and totally focused. but i've had so much help this week just on my own personal issues. like you said dad, im at 6 months, and i feel like i know nothing. i feel like im wasting time, yet i'm exhausting myself every day. i dont know how to better do my job, but im trying constantly to make myself better, a better teacher, better finder, a better companion, and just an overall better person. Change is hard. near impossible without God's help. but, im changing. slowly at first. but its picking up. the change is amazing. the way i think and the way do things is changing, and my attitude towards life is changing. life is GOOD. i realized the other day, that no matter how hard this mission is, i really dont want to be anywhere else than here. Home would be great, school would be great, the beach would be great- and yet, it doesnt even sound appealing anymore. Going home isnt something that i think about all time anymore. when people mention that i'm running out of time, now i tell them to shut up. I love being out here, and now i realize why everyone who goes home, never leaves with a smile on their face- the time is too short. Anyway, im out of time. ill talk to yous later! i love you! have an awesome week!
Elder Christensen