Sunday, December 13, 2009

woses its hot

hello family and friends!
this week was a big one, so i'll just answer all of your questions and whatnot and then tell yous all about it. :)

What else did you do on your b-day?
WELL we went christmas shopping. used about 60 dollars (hope thats ok) and im sending it all today. and went and trained muay thai with a guy in out ward, and then went to the covingtons for dinner, and i got to BBQ chicken on a super nice grill, i got some really good smelling cologne from sabrina and it was fun. We'll just say that at the end of the day i slept REALLY good.

Did you save presents?
sorta. i didnt look at the pictures on the SD card until then, and they didint work on my camera, so i had to take it to a place and just get them printed. it was really cheap though, and i got a kick out of all of them. Collin's cross country pictures were great. bro, i know how running in the rain feels. and tracting in the rain. and riding my bike in the rain. ya. its fun. eh? i actually like it. it makes me happy.

What are the logistics to talking with you on Christmas?
thats a good question. no one has said anything yet. but i assume that since yous are a day behind and 7 hours ahead, ill probably be calling you on christmas morning for me, and christmas eve in the evening for you. and yes, i will be calling you, UNLESS the phone companies dont charge if you call me. which is how it works for everyone in Australia. its kinda nice. ill let you know next week on transfer day though. oh, speaking of which, we really have no idea if one of us is going or staying. so if you send any mail after this, send it to the mission office, cause i may or may not be here in forst lake anymore.
Anyway, this Week has been a week and a half. not really, but you get what i mean. so monday was all good, yadda yada, tuesday was all sorts of fun- we tracted! and found a couple people who were interested, and a lot of people who thought they knew a lot about the church, and didnt know jack squat- we had to really control ourselves to keep from bursting out laughing- i think the whole street were members of the same AOG congregation. anyway, we had our last lesson with the Falesima kids, and come to find out, their last name is actually p.- but its all good. thursday, we had district meeting, and we went with Elam, who is waiting for his mission call, to visit Tia, and we taught the last lesson and set her baptisimal date for next saturday. then, we went to the Falesimas and went over the interview questions with them, and then our district leader showed up, and interviewed them, and they all passed with flying colours. we were happy about that. Friday was the interesting day though- unfortunately we didnt do much missionary work- we had to go to the doctor- i basically just had to go in to see if i could get recommended for physio to pull my shoulders back to where they are supposed to be, and got it, and so im starting that tomorrow. anyway, elder Bartelt had an MRI for his shoulder, and that was fun. basically we're walking medical bills, but so far the highest baptising companionship in the mission this transfer. saturday was the big day. we tracted for a really long time, found nobody, had a bible bash with a guy (we smashed him) and then went home. ugh. but then, we went to the baptism for the Falesimas. it was really good. we each baptised one of them, including Elam, who sat in for most of the lessons with them, he baptised the youngest girl. it was a great turn out, and it was really spiritual for the parents. hopefully that'll be what they need so that they will do what they need to do to get back into the church. that night, we had the ward christmas party, had lots of people there, and lots of food. I'll tell you what, their christmas party was awesome. they had a live band, who were all tongan, and they sang a lot of spanish songs- you can imagine how that sounded. :P anyway, we had fun. then sunday, we rocked up to church, having stopped by to harass everyone who was supposed to come to church, they all came, and then we confirmed the Falesimas. it was really good. and dad, this time, i dont remember hardly anything. and thanks for that advice you gave me it helped a lot. anyway, after church, i was able to Ordain Dan C. to the Aaronic priesthood. I was touched that he asked me to do it. that was a new experience for me.
so that was the week. so far, i've gotten 2 letters, i havent gotten the packages yet, but im sure they are coming. and whitney, did you get my package and letter yet? i sent them ages ago.
Rochelle, thanks for your emails, they were great! i cant wait to see Gabe!
anyway, i gotta go, i love you all so much!
Elder Tayler Christensen.