Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello family and friends!
what a week this has been. not a whole lot really happened, a few disappointments though. and when i say disappointment, i mean i was crushed. the Bams decided to drop us. they want to just leave it that, and pray about it or something like that. but we will be trying to get them back. we ordered a book of Mormon for them in Afrikaans, and it just barely came, so we're going to drop that around to them this week, and see if we cant repair some of that damage. but we also have had some successes. we were asked to give talks in sacrament meeting yesterday on missionary work, and we decided to just basically teach the restoration and Plan of salvation in our talks. we weren't really sure why. but then, it turns out there were like 5 non members that came to sacrament meeting. one was the close friend of the sis. smiler, the lady who was helping us with the Bams, who normally attends the AOG (Assembly of God) church. so that was really good. it was good. and then one of the elderly ladies in the branch had her entire family there as well, so there were some less-active members and then some non-members there as well, and they really seemed to enjoy it. it was a good sacrament meeting. so that was really good. during the week, not a whole lot exciting happened. just work as usual. but on Saturday, we did some service again, this time At Bro. Watene's house. He's basically re-modeling a trailer, so we helped him rip it apart and start putting it back together. so it was a manly day, cutting steel with a grinder and in a few cases, a gas Axe. that was FUN. oh, and apparently the sparks from the grinder are hot enough to catch your pants on fire... and the ground around you... watch out. don't worry, it didn't burn much, i just have a cool new souvenir on the ankle of my jeans. nothing major. but, it was really funny, and everyone told me to stop lying for the rest of the day... :P [editors note--so it took like 5 minutes to figure out his allusion to "liar, liar pants on fire" ha--funny) so that was fun. and as dad said some time ago- hot steel: that's man glue. but yes the week was a bit boring, but good at the end.

i hope yous all have a good week, and dont worry, my back is doing just fine this week, i started my physio homework again, and it's helping heaps. ok, have a good one! i love yous!
Elder Tayler Christensen