Monday, August 16, 2010

Rain, rocky, BAM!

hello family and friends!
well this has definitely been an interesting week. we've started to pick up the pieces from the last couple of weeks, and things are starting look up more. with the bams this week, we delivered their book of mormon to them, and they were quite happy to take it, and talk to us. they didnt have anything against us, they just wanted to call it quits on the lessons, but we set up another one with them just to watch the testaments with them, to see if we cant make a bit of a difference. So that was good. we also had a mini monsoon this week. it poured all day one day, and it was the day that we were planning on going tracting most of the day- so we did some house keeping things in the morning to see if it would clear up by afternoon, but it just continued, so we just went out in it. it was flooding in some areas, so there were some BIG puddles which, being me, i couldnt resist riding through them. i got absolutely soaked, and enjoyed every minute of it. :D Elder purser wasnt a fan, and had to find his own way around all the big puddles. but we werent able to contact eveyone that we wanted to, so maybe this coming week will be a bit better. But, this week we had district conference, so we went to Rocky again, and president Langeland was there, as well as president Nielson from the area presidency. it was such a good conference. Elder Nielson talked for a solid hour 2 nights in a row with no notes or anything prepared. it was probably the most inspiring thing i have ever seen. the talks were absolutely amazing, and the spirit was very strong. then last night, we had another training with president Langeland, and lots of things are changing. there is a LOT of new things that we're doing, so it'll take some adjusting. but it was very good, and i really enjoyed it.

anyway, that should about do it. I love yous! have an awesome week!
Elder Tayler Christensen