Thursday, December 2, 2010

Crazy Week-Dec 2 Post

Hello family and friends!
well, this has been a VERY interesting week. Elder Prina is the new district leader, and he's been doing very well, he's so humble, but he knows his responsibilities, and does his best to execute them. We have had some better luck this week, with teaching people, we met most of our goals, and had some good laughs on the way. we also had our share of disappointment, but at least it wasnt more than our share. and it soudns like everyone had a good thanksgiving this week! man, yous are lucky, 2 dinners in a row. Guess what i had for thanksgiving dinner? Pizza. Australians really dont get the whole "feast" thing- turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, the lot. Pizza. :P it was actually a good dinner, and the family that fed us were a less-active part-member family that was moving to brisbane the next morning, so we cut them some slack on that one. oh dad, i had some questions for you, first, Elder Prina came out from Provo, and wants to know where you lived when you were in high school, and i need to know what the name of your Mission was, and the years you served. if you could let me know in your next email, that would be great :). well, this week was, as i said before, Very interesting. it started with a visit that we made to a potential investigator's home. we biked hard to get there, and it started pouring rain on the way, so we got there and we were soaked, then she wasnt there, but her less-active partner was, so we talked to him, and then she showed up, but she wouldnt talk to us, and her partner didnt really know what was up, so she gave us the cold shoulder, and we had to leave, so we were biking back, still wet, and now frustrated, and we were on a pretty busy road, and as i was biking, trying to make it back to our flat on time, out of nowhere, i got blind-sided in the face by a flying bottle, thrown from a very fast-moving car. luckily, it was plastic, so all it really did was startle me. But usually stuff like that makes me mad, and i cant stop thinking aboiut it, and things i'd like to do to that person for like a week, but for some reason i just laughed, and went back to what i was thinking about before that. later, i was reminded of Peter, when he rejoiced that he was able to suffer for the cause of Christ. and i thought, ya. i'm taking some very small things for Christ's sake, and really, its not that bad. the other really interesting thing that happened this week was that we went on trade-offs with the zone leaders, and we taught this lady, whose son is a former investigator, and he was there, but he didnt sit in on the lesson, but he could hear what we were saying from where he was. for most of the time, i was watching him, and he was listening intently, and i could tell that he was feeling the spirit. then i had to use the toilet, and when i came back, his entire countenance had changed, and he was now staring at the fellowship that we brought, with this kind of evil smirk on his face, and his entire body tensed up. it was kinda scary. we found out from him, and from his mum, that and evil spirit possessed him occasionally, and that it had been gone for a few months now, but as he said it, "I was feeling the spirit. thats why HE came." it was kinda scary, but at the same time, i could still feel the influence of the Spirit, so all feelings of fear were gone. Elder Jensen, the zone leader i was with, said that he would bring some people over later, and they would give him a blessing, and get rid of the evil spirit, and the guy was very grateful, and even agreed to come to church the next day. that was cool. but that was pretty much the week. i hope all has gone well for you, and that you all have a good week! I love you all so much!
Elder Tayler Christensen