Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Call is coming! (MOM's blog title!)

hello family and friends!
well, its been a crazy week, but its been a good one. we had the mission christmas party yesterday, which is why i didnt email yesterday, but it was really good, very fun, and i got your package! :D anyway, i have little time to write this email, but i need to set up whats going to happen for Christmas call! so the family who's letting us use their phone, asked if we could do skype, which we asked president if we could, and he said yes, we can, so thats an option. we can also do the conference call if that works better for everyone, i'm not too bothered either way. just email me back soon, and i'll just buy the phone card, and if i dont need, i'll just give it to another missionary for mother's day. so i'll check my email briefly before i call home. also, i will be calling on Chirstmas day for yous. which is the 26th for me. so i'm looking forward to talking to yous! quick investigator update- jade came to church this week, which was awsesome, he's pretty keen. so we'll have a lesson with him this week. :D ok, thats about it. oh! had a good experience with answers to prayer this week. i've been driving the car around lately to learn the area faster, and it's working good, but i havent driven since forest lake- like 9 months ago, so i was a lil rusty... but i went around another car by going up on the angle curb, but failed to miss the big hole on the other side of it, i scraped the bottom of the bumpers... ya... no visual damage done, but when we stopped the car, there was a very fast drip coming from the bottom of the car, and i flipped a switch... so we called the car coordinator, he told us to take it in the next day, then we stuck a bucket under the car over night to see what it was... it was just watery, so we figured it was coolant from the radiator... ugh. but all night and that morning i was praying that it would be a quick fix because we had a lot of appointments that day in the morning, so we told the car co. everything, then he called half way through the car ride but i didnt hear it... but we were driving on the motorway, and i felt prompted to turn off the AC and just roll the windows down... radiator problem i thought. so the car co. left a message that he thought it might just be the condensation from the AC dripping from the bottom, which would be completely normal... well i checked under the car, and with no AC on, there was nothing dripping from the bottom! :D prayer answered. we wasted a few K's but it was worth it. i obviously needed a little lesson on prayer, and that was a good way to teach it. anyway, thats just a few highlights from the week. i'll talk to you on chirstmas though! :D love you all so much!
Elder Tayler Christensen