Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year Transfer

hello my family and my friends!
well, this has been a VERY exciting week. NOTHING like i expected. we had transfers today, which is why i didnt email yesterday. and the news is that i got transferred?! ya, i was incredulous. i was absolutely sure i was dying in mudgeeraba, but no, elder prina gets to have 9 months there- with a trainee. anyway, now, i am in a little place called Gympie. its as far north as you can go, and still be part of a stake, and not be in the northern zone. its a very interesting place. nothing like gold coast. my new address is: 2/12 loder st. Gympie, QLD 4570. so Elder Prina knows where to send it if you've already sent stuff, and for all future mail, just send it to that address. oh, and i'm back with Elder Itaea, the one rom kiribati that i was with in forest lake. :D

anyway, we had a mean as lesson with jade this week. he's progressing very well. He's making friends, and he's excited about learning. its working out very well. he will get baptized. we dont have a date for him yet, but they'll get it. that was about the only exciting thing that happened.

new years was good, we stayed up for it, and then missed it because we were talking and making a new area map- its laminated! pretty sweet. anyway, new years day was really fun- we spent the day cleaning a little bit, and then a member of the ward, brother Gilgen, took us to his studio, and elder prina has written a parody to a creed song called "6 feet from the edge" and re-named it, "six months from the end of my mission." its not a trunky song. i sent the link for the music video, which we also had a blast making. so that was our new years day.

anyway, i'm running short on time, so i'll talk to yous all later! i'm sure i'll have lots to report next week.
love you all so much!
Elder Tayler Christensen

Elder Prina's Parody Song