Monday, January 24, 2011

Tracting...and More Tracting

hello my family and my friends!
well this week has been pretty good. to put it the Aussie way, i've been getting "stuck in to it". really, this week has been full of finding. lots of tracting. lots of GQing. and very little teaching. its been kind of frustrating, but then, Gympie is a tracting area. always has been. so at least i'm not surprised about it all. and hey, i've been getting some of the best sleep i've had in a long time. its been so long since i've come back to the flat utterly exhausted. kinda funny. but it's good. Elder Holland told me on the first day of my mission to go home on a stretcher. well... if i keep this up, i just might. :P dont worry mum, i'm fine. anyway, the sun has been out, it has been getting hot, and getting to be more like last summer. so i'll start getting a mean as missionary tan. so ya, this week we went on trade-offs with the district leader. we live like an hour away from them though, so they came up for the night. it was fun. the next day, we all worked in gympie, and both sets of us were doing heaps of tracting. i was with the district leader, elder Jensen, and we had a very interesting day. we met a a guy in this really sad complex... we think it might have been drug-recovery complex, but the guy had smoked or drunk or drugged himself out of is mind. he still had his faculties, but he must have been like 60, and was speaking and acting like a 5-year-old, and he couldnt read. my heart went out to him, and i was shocked at the poverty of the people in this place... it was so sad. i wanted to help them, but they were there for a reason- they didnt want out help. it made me appreciate all the blessings that i have. i've taken so much of the blessings in my life for granted, and its sickening to me how thoughtless i have been sometimes. really opened my eyes. then after that, we tracted into a guy who was massive, and had a few mental issues- not crazy, just a few things he has deal with. he's been taught before, and even had a book of mormon, and said that he had prayed before, and recently his prayer had been for help to cope with his relapse back to his issues. to which we responded that we were the answer to his prayer. we could help him quit smoking, and get back on track, so its good. anyway, my time is up, so i have to get going. i love yous so much! have a good week.
Elder Tayler Christensen