Tuesday, February 8, 2011

you are GOLDEN

hello my family and my friends!
well, it has been a very good week this week. we had a lot of lessons and we found a few new people to teach! so it has been a very good week. we found a young couple called Emma and Bill. we just tracted into them, and they thought we were J-Dubs, so they started to just tell us they werent interested, and then they started asking us questions, and then they invited us in once they found out that we were mormons, and that we werent trying to force them into anything. so, emma is only 17 and bill's not much older, and both of them have have had very little if any religious instruction. they really enjoyed the message of the restoration, and they had a lot of questions about the plan of salvation, so we gave them sort of a movie trailer of the plan of salvation, which really got their attention, and then told them we had to go, and we'd have to schedule another appointment- they wanted us to come back ASAP so we went back 2 days later, and taught the plan of salvation. they really liked that, and it answered all of their questions. we invited them to church, but they werent able to come. but they said that they would love to come next week. they decided that they really liked us, so last night they also invited us to a bon fire at their house... but we met one of their friends who's pretty much in the same boat they are, and who we were able to talk to about the gospel, and now they're interested too. so its all good. :) then the really big thing that happened this week was a guy called Edward. he's the boyfriend of a recent convert, and he's GOLDEN! he has already read most of the Gospel principles book, and prayed about it and received an answer.(!!!!!) so when we taught the restoration, he was like, ya that all makes sense, i believe that. then we asked him to read the book of mormon and pray about it, which he readily accepted. then the coolest part happened. we usually try to get the investigator to pray on the first lesson we have them. its usually not very easy to do, but in this case, before we go to that, Edward was like, "i feel like i want to pray to close this up... is that ok?" after getting over the shock, we were both like, yes! yes! that is DEFINITELY ok! please! so he prayed. and it wasnt anything special, it had no flowery language, but it was heartfelt and sincere, and the spirit was present. it was awesome. we then set a baptisimal date with him for the 19th of february! :D :D YES!!!!!!!! i am so excited. i've always wanted to teach someone who was golden. :D so its good. anyway, the rest of the week. i know all of you have hear about the massive cyclone that hit northern Qld. yes, it was massive. they're saying its rivaling or exceeding the strength of hurricane katrina. we still arent quite sure of the damage done, or the safety of the missionaries up there. we havent heard anything from our leaders. however, you have no need to worry about me. the cyclone didnt even come close, and it was far enough away that we're not even getting the low pressure front from it. so i'm all safe. i'll update you when i know what happened for sure up north. the weather down here though, has been so hot. and it's been like 1000% humidity. makes tracting mean something. it's great though, almost everyone we talk to offers us water. so we're staying hydrated! yesterday, we had a special training from president langeland and the APs. (thats why i'm late emailing yous) it was really good. president and sister langeland put together a slide show about joseph smith, and the qualities of a prophet, and how he exhibited each one, and gave specific examples. it was really good. then, the APs gave a training on committing investigators to pray, and read the book of mormon. we real-played it, and there was an odd number of companionships, so we got to real-play with president and sister Langeland. that was great. i was really nervous, but president langeland complimented me on my real play, so that was nice. :D thats pretty much been it. ok. well, thats all i can think of, so i'll wrap it up. i hope yous all have a great week! i know this is the true church, and i know that "a man can get nearer to God by abiding by it's precepts." the church is true. the book is blue. :D love yous!
Elder Tayler Christensen