Monday, March 21, 2011

Baptism! March 20 letter

hello my family and my friends!
what a fast week this has been. sounds like everyone else had their share of interesting this week too. This has been a very unusual week. tuesday, we went down to our district leader's area for a trade-off and had a fun time with them. i ended up spending the day with the DL's comp and we pretty much tracted and did follow-up visits all day. it was fun. then we stayed the night there again, and got up at 2:30 am the next morning so we could be on time for our train at 4 that would take us down to brisbane where we were having zone conference/mission tour with Elder Hamula of the area presidency/seventy. it was so good. very insightful. he's very knowledgable. one of the things that i really liked that he said, that has applied to me on occasion, and to almost everyone, is "if you say, 'thats just how i am, i cant change' you are damning yourself." pretty strong language i know, but i think the missionaries needed to hear that, because after the meeting, everyone was like, "man, that smashed me..." so it was really good for the mission. then we spent all day traveling home, missed our dinner appointment by 2 hours, ended uip with the last yucks from k-fry, and went to sleep ASAP when we got home. it was a LONG day. but it was a good day too. then we spent most of friday getting ready for becky's baptism, since everyone else was gone to the youth temple trip, including Becky's daughter, Tarsh. so then saturday everything seemed to fall apart. except the baptism. but we had like 4 other appointments during the day, all of them cancelled, and i just sorta flipped out... i get so stressed around baptisms... there's so much to do, and it seems like everyone just turns their phones off or goes walkabout at just the time i need to talk to them. it is ever so frustrating. so needless to say, everyone just saying sorry, cant do it on saturday just pushed me over the edge... i just went and had a long talk to God, took a nap, squared my shoulders and went out again. we got emma to come to the baptism, and the baptism itself went well... besides the fact that Becky is deathly afraid of water going over her head, and the first time i baptized her, her elbow was still up... so doing it the second time, she was a little freaked out, but she went all the way under, and it went good. Emma really enjoyed it too. it was good. so then yesterday, we had church, and Emma AND Bill came. finally! Emma really enjoyed it, and Bill liked the gospel essentials class. it was good. and Elder Nai confirmed becky too! it was a good day. then we were able to have lessons with becky and bill and emma after church, and make it to our dinner appointment on time too. it was good. :D so now i'll just be working my tail off to make sure Elder Nai has people to teach when i go, and not leave him with nothing. so we'll see how it all goes. but thats pretty much been the week. its been good. and i'm out of time, so i'll talk to yous later!
love you all so much!
Elder Tayler Christensen