Monday, March 21, 2011

March 13--Spring Ahead

hello my family and my friends!
im short on time this week, there were lots of emails, and i had to take that quiz thingy...[for BYUI] im glad everyone had a good week! mine was pretty good. found some new people, taught some lessons... sorta. we are teaching becky all the lessons again, but she's had them twice, plus the times when her daughter took them. so we've been having her teach us, which has been really good. all we do is make sure she understands everything, and we just fill in the gaps. its been good. one thing that sorta made my week, was that yesterday we had ward conference, and the stake president got up and talked about the missionaries in the gympie ward for like 5 minutes, and had nothing but praise for us both, as well as me specifically- i dont really know the stake president, but he must have talked to my zone leaders because he mentioned a few things that he could not have known just from our brief meetings... so that made my day/week. besides that we also had a bon fire for a ward activity, and we got Emma to come. not bill though, he had to work... it was kinda a bummer. but she really enjoyed it. i also made cookies because they had a priesthood bake-off... it was kinda funny. didnt win, but got "honorary" 1st place or something like that... :P anyway, thats pretty much the week. sorry this one is short.

ok i love you all!
Elder Tayler Christensen