Sunday, February 7, 2010

31st Week in Forest Lake. Yeeah boy!

Hello family and friends!
sounds like you've all been very busy and very happy!
collin, in my last email i forgot to mention that yes, it is ok if you start from wherever you are in the Book of mormon as long as it's somewhere before mosiah. :D

and Rochelle, thanks for the Gabe update, and your interesting insight to teaching by the spirit. i have definitely found those things to be the case as i have steadily progressed.

Dad, your "craft" was hilarious, and your comments on it was the icing on the cake. :P i would LOVE to know how you went with actually getting the ATV into your truck. i hope nothing broke. hopefully your "man Glue" worked for you.

Cara, i'm glad your week has been so eventful and fun. I hope your stomach hasn't been bothering you too much. I was very worried when i heard a few weeks ago that you were struggling with the pain and nausea. I've been praying very hard for you and fasted for you yesterday- its all i can do, so i hope it has helped.

Mom, your Annie stuff sounds like its taking over your life- (shocker- :P) but it also soudns like you've been able to keep everything pretty balanced, and have been able to follow the spirit. Isn't it amazing how God really does want us to be successful in all we do, and helps us even with our worldly endeavors? that has been a huge deal to me lately. God doesnt ONLY bless us with our spiritual needs, but helps us in every aspect of our lives. I love it.

anyway, yous wanted to know about my new comp and, the area that i have remained in for 6 months and counting. well, Elder Itaea (pronounced ee-TIE-uh) is from Kiribati (pronounced KIRR-i-bus). if you dont know where that is, its somewhere between brisbane and hawaii, right on the equator, next to the international date line. its a very small group of islands. Elder Itaea is very humble, very in tune with the spirit, and improving on his English. It has been a new experience for me to add language study to the morning routine. He also has started to get me into the habit taking at least a photo a day, so hopefully i'll be able to keep more current documentation of my time here, and i'll be able to send a few more home. we are getting along great, and we have similar senses of humor, which is fun. I'm learning a lot from him, and i'm happy to be with him for at least the next 6 weeks.

this week we only taught one real lesson, and that was to Sam. she accepts everything we teach her, except for the fact that she thinks that Jesus told the Apostles that the sacrament literally became his body and blood (catholic and orthodox beliefs) and yet told the nephite 12 that they only represented his body and blood, and is concerned that there is an inconsistency. so we're struggling to help her understand that there is no inconsistency, but just different interpretations to Christ's actual words in the NT. its not easy to explain to someone who hasnt grown up with LDS background at all, and i'm afraid to use the JST with her. although that may be the key, it'll either turn her completely off, or really help her out, but its a big risk right now. so we'll see. this is where actual dependence on the spirit comes in. so hopefully tomorrow at our lesson we'll be able to put her concerns to rest.

anyway, i'm out of time, I love you all so much!
Elder Tayler Christensen