Monday, February 22, 2010

Finally starting to cool down a bit

hello my family and me mates!
well, its been only a short time since i last emailed, but its been a good, short time. we have had some success in the past week, with finding- turns out we havent taught a single investigator this week. they all cancelled on us, due to some inclement weather-

we got about 6 inches of rain in like a day. that was fun. i got to dive through some really BIG and wholly unavoidable puddles (darn). but that made for a long, hard finding week, and we're running short on money at the moment, so we decided to move away from using the bus, and we just biked everywhere this week. i didnt realize how not in shape i am! sheesh! i hurt in places that i forgot exhisted. oh, and on p-day, we were training muay thai, like always, and i forgot to put on the cotton gloves before the actual UFC gloves, and so now i cut open 5 knuckles- oops. its been fun telling people that we got locked out of the flat, and so i got in a fight with the door, or that elder Itaea's face can be really sharp if you hit it just right, but not to worry, they're healing very quickly.

collin, dont worry, i didnt forget about your birthday this last week, i just forgot to mention it in my email last week- but i wrote you a letter, that should be getting there sometime soon. hope you had an awesome day, and that you got the things you wanted.

mom, glad to hear that all is going well with the Annie rehearsals. soudns like you are being blessed abundantly. Keep it up. :)

Dad, you are as busy as i have ever seen you. or at least heard of you being. :P Glad to hear it. haha, the goat shelter moving story was funny- i dont envy whoever you had helping you. and it is sad that pumpkin died- :(

Cara, hope your mr. bowmen week goes as you planned- good luck, dont get too stressed about it, and dont work too hard. there's a difference between working hard and working smart- i just learned this. work smart and effective, and then your hard work pays off.

Anna- where are ya babe? havent heard from you for a while. send me a letter! i promise i'll write back! :)
anyway, glad to have heard from all of you, i love you so much! have a great week!
elder Tayler Christensen