Tuesday, February 2, 2010

9 Months Out--Just about!

hello family and... mates!
believe it or not, i've actually started using that word- i've replaced the word "friend" altogether. its kinda weird. but all good. anyway, this week, i suppose i'll tell yous that sunday night i got the transfer call- it went something like this:
"Elder christensen has been serving in forest lake with Elder subritzky, elder christensen will continue to serve in forest lake with... a new companion. :P" so no, i didn't go anywhere, but Elder subritzky left for the sunshine coast, and my new companion's name is Elder Itaea. he's from Kirribus. (i have no idea how to actually spell it). its a small island country near the martial islands. anyway, so i'm still Senior comp, not much change to that. still driver, all good. this last week has been one of the most emotionally trying weeks so far. we had high hopes for all of our investigators this week, but as it would happen, none came to church, one set a baptisimal date, but then backed out, one dropped us for the J-Dubs because she firgured out that she actually had to do stuff to join the church- like coming to church. it was LAME. its been very frustrating trying to figure out how to help each of them progress. oh, and the cough hasn't gone away, but the stuffy nose has. i'm blaming the black mold that is on the ceiling and walls- nothing huge, but man, it sure isn't helping things! however, i've been able to talk more w/o coughing, so thats been good. thats basically how the week went.
so i suppose i'll answer some questions:
You mentioned that you were under some pressure from the ward council in you last e-mail. Could you elaborate on that?
The ward council likes the missionaries to do ALL the missionary work, including contacting new move-ins, visiting the less-actives, finding people that they failed to get propper information from, and so on. they are very unhappy when we dont fulfill these assignments, but dont give us anything useful to go off of- like perhaps an actual referral.
Particularly, I want to know what kind of expectations there are for a senior companion in regards to the ward council and how you think a YM can better prepare for that.
well, you have to prepare lots of progress records, and make lots of phone calls for help with lessons, and people coming to church. you can prepare for that by getting used to talking to people on the phone rather than texting. because you WILL call lots of people that you have never met, and you will never text anybody, unless you're an AP, and only other missionaries for that.
How does participation in APC meeting help prepare YM for that?
learn to prepare actual records for how quorum members are doing, and use them effectively. never come to any meeting with nothing to say or report. there is ALWAYS something to report and and get help with.
What kind of struggles have you had in regards to the ward council?
well, like i said, they want a lot from us, and dont want to give much, except for the occasional dinner, which isn't useful at all when we go. thats just the ward i'm in though- many ward councils are very missionary minded, so just figuring out how to ask the right people for help is key.
anna, you asked if i bear my testimony in fast and testimony meeting- answer is no, our mission has been encouareged not to, unless asked to by a member of the bishopric, or if there is a long silence and an investigator present.
Dad- funny experience- last tuesday was Australia day. it was also the day that Elder Christopherson came to visit the mission! he gave a special mission conference, and then dismissed us to go back to our areas. on the way back, we were all really excited to get back to work, and at a red light, one of the other missionaries who we were riding with knocked on another car window at a stop light- he tried to give a typical door approach, with pamphlet and everything, but just as he was trying to place it on the passenger seat, the light turned green, and the driver of the car GASSED it!
:P anyway, that was the week. hope all is well, glad you liked the letter. have fun with the annie! :)
elder Tayler Christensen