Monday, March 22, 2010

Bracken Ridge

Hello Fams!
what a crazy week! we did like almost no tracting this week! it was SO weird! but we werent being lazy, we just had a whole heap of stuff to do- so it was alright. I forgot to mention in my last email that the flat i am staying in is a 4-way flat. which means there are 4 of us in there, and we cover different halves of the same ward. and it's HUGE. but the other 2 missionaries are cool. Elder Gilbert is the district leader, and he's training a new missionary from sydney, called elder Arnold. elder Gilbert is kiwi. it makes everything a bit more fun.

This week we had fun doing the tracting that we did. We found a lady who is keen as to come to church, and to learn about it and stuff. Its pretty sweet. but really, this week hasn't been too eventful- just moving all the time. I'll see if i can't answer some questions. Elder Wulf and I are getting along great. He's a really funny kid, and very dedicated. We have fun, and life's always entertaining. He knows how to work and have fun at the same time. its pretty sweet. He's teaching me how to relax without losing effectiveness. Dad, for your commitment thing- we just finished a transfer where that section was the transfer theme. its pretty sweet. pretty fun. they gave us pretty good equation for it: basic doctrine+ the book of mormon+ a whole lotta love+ sincere testimony= one committed as investigator. or less-active memeber. you can break each of those down and use them to your advantage, each of them are worth study and role play. we spent weeks studying and practicing just that equation. it works well. just on the baptismal update, Tia foley should be baptized this coming saturday, so it hasnt happened yet, but i have permission to call next sunday to make sure it happened. so i'll let yous know if it goes through.

So i forgot to mention where bracken ridge is compared to my last area- i would say just look the 2 areas up on google maps or something, but that's lame. so forest lake is about 20 minutes sounth of the city. bracken ridge is about 30 minutes north. and the area is absolutely massive. it gonna take a while to learn. and the ward is... HUGE!!! there are several people that my comp still doesnt know, and he's been here for 4.5 months! its big. but thats the B-ridge for ya. anyway. thats about it.

im glad yous are all having fun in utah- i cant wait to be a part of that again tell everyone hi for me and dibs on gabe when i get back. :P. sounds like a whole heap of fun. tell bob and kathy thank you for their prayers and tell grandma her letter will be in the mail within the week. Good luck this next week getting back into the ANNIE stuff and school- i'm prayin for all of you. love you all!
elder Tayler Christensen