Monday, March 15, 2010

Transfer to Bracken Ridge

Hello family and friends!
well this week has been an interesting one. as Dad correctly guessed, a transfer is coming up, and it was today. I have finally left Forest Lake! I'm now serving in Bracken Ridge, which is on the north side of brisbane city. my new companion is elder Wulf. I dunno too much about him, but he seems like a cool guy. this last week though, has been really good. we set a baptisimal date with Tia Foley, she's a 9-y-o who we had a date with a few months ago, but her dad had a problem, and so now hopefully we'll be all good. besides that, the week has just flown by with heaps of tracting, a lot of bike riding, and saying goodbye to people. but it has been really good, i have enjoyed it immensely. i learned how to use a hedge-cutter too. that was fun. i guess. haha. but the elder that replaced me has served in forest lake previously, so that'll be good. umm... not a whole lot else to mention, it wasnt exactly an exciting week, so i'll just answer people's questions.

1. What are the finding commandments you mentioned in your last letter?
finding commandments are from the area presidency, they are: tract 2 hours a day, car fast 2 days a week if you have a full-time car, and contact 10 extra people a day. oh, and talk to absolutely everyone.

2. Are you keeping a daily journal? Can you share an excerpt sometime?
yes i'm keeping a daily journal, its detailed, dont worry. speaking of which, i need a new one, im just about to run out of pages in the one i currently have... so if someone could send a new one, that would be great.
3. What are some highlights of the week in terms of seeing the Lords hand manifest in the work?
you always see how happy the gospel makes people. for instance, tia foley. she's so excited to get baptized. she's only 9, but she actually comes to chuch for the sake of coming to church, not for the friends, its great. she has a constant craving to learn more. also, running into random people during the day that are golden as has happened a couple of times, and unfortunately i wont be able to see the outcome of those things, but it should be good.
4. As you approach the last year of your mission, what are your hopes and expectations?
i want to obey perfectly, i want to talk to everyone, and i want to train one person, to keep the posterity line going. apparently i have a pretty mean "mission heritage" so i want to keep it going. but we'll see. right now, im back to junior comp, with a missionary who's about ready to die (go home). so, apparently i have some humbling of myself to do.

and collin, i havent really been chased by a dog yet. sorry buddy. but a guy came to the door holding a knife once... and he was angry, and we quickly gave our spiel, and got off the porch. he didnt say a word. anna, i havent eaten a Koala, they have no meat on them. no worries.
anyway, thats all for now, i love yous, and look forward to hearing from you next week!
elder Tayler Christensen