Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hard-working, exactly obedient

well hello hello, my family and my friends!
My week has been hectic. we're scrambling for people to teach, and not really finding anyone. unfortunately this isnt helped much, as getting my back side (and my companion's) out the door is like pulling teeth. I never thought that living in a 4-man flat would be so... hard. it's some of the most fun i've had on the mission, but also the place where the most time has been wasted, by all parties involved. I'm trying to get past it, and just try to work hard, and keep to the schedule, but its hard, when no one really wants to move, and all 3 of every one else isnt moving yet, so no one moves. So this week has been a bit harder than any other week, because of the lack of work that has gone on. I never thought that that would be the case. Given, my comp is slightly sick, but he's not that sick, however, I took dad's advice from last week- just serve my companion. So to kill 2 birds with one stone, I bought some bike chain oil last week (because our bikes are old, and the chains are shocking) and i greased everything up for both him and me, and then told him that i greased it up, and that we could go out now because we'll be able to make it up the hills--which worked surprisingly well. By the end of the week we were working well, and we were able to actually teach more lessons as of yesterday. So hopefully we'll get everything done that we want to this week. We have lots of new people that we've been referred to, and a few more potentials from our finding efforts last week, so that should be good.

This week at church, a talk was given about the atonement. It was awesome, and I was really able to feel of the spirit, and felt within myself the peace and comfort that comes from the taking advantage of that gift. It was amazing. it was that spirit which helped me to get myself rolling after lunch, and kept myself motivated to work until it was time to come home. It was because of that, that we were able to teach 2 lessons just from drop-in visits, and set up a few others for later this week. it was pretty good, and i think that my companion and the other companionship had similar success, so hopefully that will help us to be a bit more diligent this week. I refuse to be classed by anyone as the typical, "good, but sorta lazy" missionary. I want to be a hard-working and exactly obedient missionary. So ya, that should be good. Anyway, that's been the week. a week of re-dedication and realization. So, hopefully, this means that I'm going to become better, and more successful. We'll see how it all goes.

On a more happy note, Tia F. from Forest Lake, was baptized 2 days ago! No problems or nothin! :D I was very happy when I got that phone call. Fair dinkam. Anyway, time's running short. I love yous! Good luck with everything this week!

Elder Tayler Christensen