Tuesday, April 6, 2010


hello my family and my friends!
How are ya? sounds like this week has been a very busy one with the Annie production going on all week. that's good. i knew you would all do so well. you were in my prayers every night. I'm glad that it was such a great experience for everyone. what did Collin do? music or tech? anyway, this week has been really good for me. it was still to get everyone out the door, but i succeeded a bit more. we were able to actually get out and talk to people and i made an effort to talk to absolutely everyone. it was a good experience. nothing really came of it, but hey, gotta be consistent before God gives the blessings. I'm ok with that. we really only have one real investigator. its a less-active member's partner. she's catholic and has been asking HEAPS of questions. so we are having another lesson tonight. it should be good. we'll see how it goes. besides that, not a whole lot happened this week. although it was a very entertaining week. we asked Elder Gilbert if we could wax his legs, just because none of us had ever even seen it done before. elder Gilbert is a big Tongan guy- so there was a lot of leg to cover. we did it in 2 days because we didn't have enough time at lunch to do it all in one go. it was way funny- took pictures. we were all going to do it afterward, but due to our lack of experience, we ended up using all the wax on his legs. funny stuff. that was the funny story of the week. oh and guess what? my heart has been surprising me this week. I've found that its getting more and more easy to ride it up the hills and keep up with my companion. yesterday we were 20 minutes away from our flat with only 10 minutes to get there before curfew. we made it right on the dot. we were both nasty and gross, and my bike has no headlight on it- you can imagine how difficult that would be for me in a poorly lit area, but i just kept my eye on elder Wulf's tail light and stayed right on his 6 and it turned out to be good. he keeps forgetting that I'm night blind and so doesn't slow down, which turns out to be ok, because i don't have any trouble keeping up anymore! its great!
anyway, I'm glad yous enjoyed conference. i haven't seen it yet. we don't get it until next week. so it'll be good. and Trevor H. came for it? wow, that's pretty sweet. I love missionary work. member missionary work is the best. keep it up Cara. you're working miracles left and right. Anyway, i should wrap this up. time runs short.
I love you all so much! have a good week.
Elder Tayler Christensen