Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tayler Quin Christensen Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 8:12 PM
To: Cindy Christensen , Quin Christensen
hellooooooooooooo family! and friends!
well, just to put your thoughts to rest, im not late emailing because of transfers. but that will happen next week. but i'm late because i went to the temple today! it was so great! today it was raining. and we have to take the train to the temple, and we still end up walking something like a mile from the train station to get to the temple. so needless to say, i got a little wet. and then got absolutely soaked afterwards. but the experience in the temple was awesome. i took my patriarchal blessing in with me, and read and prayed about it in the celestial room. talk about a feeling of comfort. there are parts of it that just leave me hanging and make me unsure about a few things that i thought i was sure about. but i got some peace today. the "everything will be ok" one. and then i had another unique experience. i've started to get past the point of not remembering parts of the endowment session, and started trying to figure out the symbolism of many things. I know that those things really only come by revelation. so i prayed for that, for understanding about things, and the funny and amazing thing was, that i fully believed that i would get an answer right then and there. and i did. its amazing how revelation comes. sometimes it comes through the scriptures, sometimes it comes from another person, sometimes random thoughts just pop into your head. in this case, 2 happened. some random thoughts came to me, then i directed myself to some scriptures. they didnt answer everything, but they helped fill in the gaps. now i'll just have to ask a temple worker or president Richards sometime. we'll see. but it was really good. :)

Happy 49 Dad! (man, in a year you'll be 50! thats OLD!!!) :P hope you had a good one dad. I love you.
ok, so now everyone else. Mum, how far away is the spring concert? what songs are the Chorale singing? How was the wedding? man, i saw that marriage coming from like a million miles away... mainly cause i had a heads up from whitney, but hey, still saw it coming. :)
Cara- that sounds great! I'll probably see elder Bartelt in about a week, so i'll let him know about Elder Wilde, and trevor! thats so great! he's finally getting into it! how awesome would that be to see their family get sealed?! that would be awesome. keep up your great work cara, you're doing great. and i KNOW the missionaries there are grateful for all that you do.
collin- i've had similar experiences with tennis... i got whooped 6-0, 6-0 by the #2 singles guy for OES. it was pretty sad i couldnt even return his serves... so ya, i know how that goes. keep it up though, you'll make varsity next year. who's all on the team?
Anna- you read the twilight saga? seriously, twilight?! :P well i'm glad you're getting into reading so much. it's good for ya. you should really pick up Louise L'Amoure though... i think that would be more universally accepted in our family... :P
whitney- back the rex are we? thats great. I hear there's still snow there. hope it's melted off for ya. oh, and you have a (small) package coming. :)
dont worry family, you've got one coming too... with every picture i've ever taken since you got the last SD card. i'm sending everything today.
anyway, i had better get going. I love you all so much! thank you for your prayers! heaven knows you're in mine. especially you, dad. :D
anyway, have a good one!
Love, Elder Tayler Christensen