Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Great Conference and on

Hello family and friends!
wow, what a great week. It was still hard to get things moving this week, but we did get them moving. We taught a lesson or 2, and we have some solid potential investigators. So that should be good. Hopefully we'll be able to really get the teaching pool filled again. the highlight of the week was definitely general conference. I was able to attend every session. The priesthood session was my favorite, with elder Oak's talk and elder Rasband's talks as the favorites.They were really good. But my favorite talk out of the whole conference was president Monson's talk during the Sunday morning session. I have often heard that people can feel the spirit so strong that it brings tears to their eyes. to this point in my life, I thought I was a hopeless case of not being to ever feel the spirit that strongly. I proved myself wrong when I listened to that talk. now, I am quite aware that tears do not necessarily mean that one is feeling the spirit, but that was the spirit without a doubt. it was awesome. unfortunately, we weren't able to get anyone that we're working with to the conference, but most of them had something close a decent excuse. also, yesterday we had interviews with president Richards. they were really good. We had a good training from the zone leaders, and my interview with president was really good. I was reading my patriarchal blessing, and the paragraph that refers just to my mission said that I would learn to love the savior more than I could understand at that time. I realized that I hadn't progressed much on that. So I asked president how I could accomplish that. We've been reading the book of Mormon on assignment from him, and each time we have a different assignment. One of them was to go through and underline in red every reference to Christ. I finished that. So then he told everyone to go through and mark in a different color, all the doctrines and principles of the gospel. I'm almost done with that. So he then told me to go through and look at all the references to Christ and write down on a separate sheet of paper every one of them that has reference to the atonement. Now, there's lots of ones that are all about the same part of the atonement. So once you had all of them written down, you group all of the similar ones together. That will be the next assignment for the mission, but I'm getting it early, with a one add-on: I also have to go through and make another list of all scriptures with the love of God that have to do with Mercy, Grace, and Justice. The purpose of that is to show how God's love is NOT unconditional. In almost every case God's love is mentioned in the scriptures, it has Conditions attached to it. So I also get to go through and write down all of those. It's going to take the rest of my mission to get it all done, but it'll be an awesome study, and will hopefully increase my understanding of the atonement, and increase my love of the Savior, "far beyond what [I] can understand at this time." So I'm excited for that.
Anyway, the time runs short. I love you all so much! Let me know how things go with Rochelle's baby. I hope you're doing alright Rochelle!
Anyway, have a good week! Love you!
Elder Tayler Christensen