Saturday, November 8, 2008


Much could be said about bad sportsmanship as well as bad calls in athletics. It seems that you can always blame the ref for losing a game. In ultimate frisbee, there is no such accusation. There are no Refs. Not even on the international level. Its in the spirit of the game. You call your own fowls. Everything is called by the players. And only those who are involved can call anything. It is for this reason, that sometimes a player or players can change the outcome of a game by calling fouls left and right. Such a thing happened today. In most cases I wouldn't care. However, it is because of this that my team the Vikings, have lost there seat in the Ultimate Frisbee playoffs. Am I bitter? maybe a little bit. This is the first time that I have lost a game in which I dont feel Defeated. I feel robbed. I try to be a good sport about everything and shake things off quickly, and I usually succeed. However, its so much more than the game, its the team. I dont feel bad for myself. I feel bad for my team. We developed a bond that few other teams have. That Bond has kept us together and made us successful. Last night we beat the first team we lost to by an emabarassing margin. 13-4. Stomped them. The Vikings came together. We were tight. Like unto a dish. So is it really over? NO! I love these guys. We will all forever be the Vikings, brothers. No matter what happens to us in the futute, we will all belong to that brotherhood. We are FOREVER VIKINGS! FOREVER ULTIMATE!!!! TO- THE- FRISBEE!!!!!