Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween weekend fun... :)

OK. this is my amazing 5k team. And yes, that really is the magic school bus, and yes, that really is a shopping cart.

this was supposed to be our "serious" photo... you can see how well that turned out.

ok almost all the girls here are related. Nicole Hess is on the far left, then next to her is Kayla, then Maranda, and on my other side is chelsea. They are all richardsons. It continues to Emily, then to a girl whom i have never met until that night, and then Richard, and his friend.

This was us at the beginning of the race. Maranda, the one in front, with the awesome hair and kinda scary eyebrows is the injured one, who we pushed in the shopping cart for the whole race. and guess what? we PASSED people. not that many people, but we didnt come in last, and we did the whole thing in under 35 minutes. 'Cha think of that?

This is what our costume looked like before it all happened. It was pretty. I did the outline for the "The" on the side there... mmhmm.

Anyway, after a somewhat embarassing start, and a realization that it was going to be one hard race, since half of it was uphill, i finally sucked it up, took my spot pushing the cart, and ran. it was so much fun! I got to know everyone better, and we sang, and it sounded horrible, but it was still awesome, cause we were singing, not complaining. Anyway, we Won the costume contest, and now we all get free t shirts that say "midnight 5k" on them. its going to be sweet. After this night, I realized that I had two ultimate frisbee games the next day. one at 10 and one at 2. We lost the first game to a team we have stomped before, by 2, but then we got our act together, and beat the second team by about 8 points. Needless to say, I ran myself ragged, and paid for it dearly the next day. Stairs became my mortal enemy. Walking uphill became my worst fear. being sore in every muscle in my body is not fun. But, it was so worth it. mmhmm, yep it was! Oh! and I got 2 new bruises that would put a dancer's bruises to shame. I got cleated hard on my foot.... had to loosen up all the laces on my left shoe just so i could walk. good stuff! and my right forearm looks funny, what with all the whiteness and a big, ugly blue spot in the middle of it... from a frisbee flying faster than a speeding bullet... from like 5 feet away. Anyway, that was the weekend!