Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This is Why i Love my Family

So upon arriving in Utah, I was greeted by all the men in my family watching the BYU-Utah football game. BYU lost. sad day. Anyway, i had massive amounts of junk food, and games, and AH! it was great! and then my sisters and mom got back, they all got their hair cut. they all look so cute! but then again, they always look cute... oh well. haha. Anyway. On suday we went to church, and that was good, and then we came home, and all of a sudden i was no longer tired. weird, huh? so My brother-in-law and i played a computer game, called Armegatron while the rest of my family took naps. eventually we got all the guys playing this game. its pretty funny. not even like a high-excitement game, just fun. haha. anyway, monday, we went and saw my grandma, and she was perky, and fun, she told us great stories, and it was so fun! then came home, and made dinner, then we had FHE, and that was good, and i consecrated oil for the first time, and that was neat. So then we were going to watch a movie, but we started playing Armegatron again, and that didnt end up happening... pretty sure we played for almost 4 hours. is that sad or what? Anyway, today i slept in and then watched narnia with my younger siblings, and made fun of it with them, that was fun. then i went and played raquetball with all the guys. Didnt win except when i played my little brother, and then the second game of doubles playing with my dad against collin and BJ. Fun! then we had dinner, which was amazing, then we watched a movie-Charade. its a good one. so that brings us to now, and now im going to sleep.