Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Anna

G'day my family and friends! what a crazy week this has been! I loved talking to you all, and hearing your seemingly VERY American accents. i dont know if i sounded any different, but dont worry, i was being sorta self conscious about it, and i am further along with it than i sounded on the phone. :) And Anna banana! Happy birthday babe! you're like what, 21 now? haha jk, 12! ears pierced and make-up?! oh dear, you'll have to send some photos of that, i'm just not seeing it- not my baby sister. well, i hope you have a good day today, and that your first day of young womens was a fun one. :) anyway, if there was a vote, or if my vote counts for anything, i vote we keep the tractor for mowing and rototilling, and maybe it will last for more than a year. :P just my vote though. Cara, congrats on your scholarship and making honour court. thats pretty sweet. :)
anyway, this week was interesting. we had zone conference. normally, zone conference includes a couple of zones at one place, all of which travel something like 40 minutes max to get there. zone conference up north, is very different. we got on a bus thursday afternoon, arrived in Rockhampton 3 hours later, got to go play some laser tag with the other missionaries besides myself, had dinner at the chapel with some members, then we all went to the rockhampton missionary flat. with 8 missionaries in one flat, they had a bunch of inflatable mattresses that we all slept on. now, the next morning was hectic. between 6:30 and 8, 8 missionaries had to shower, iron shirts, and eat breakfast. One shower, one iron one and a half litres of milk. we're lucky we made it. zone conference was held in a class room at the chapel, and we all fit around a couple tables. the training was done by president and sister richards, and it was REALLY good. president gave a really good training on the "Doctrine of Christ" it was way good. i really liked it, and learned a lot. And we also had interviews. My interview was really good. I ran my theory about the love of God that i told you on the phone past him, and he confirmed it. So, I did something right in that study. :) so now i have started the next study, which has to do with the atonement of christ and WHY it happened. so it should be good. um... OH! i ended up conducting sacrament meeting yesterday. it was interesting, and kinda nerve racking. our branch presidency were all gone, or sick, and we had district speakers there! (the equivalent of high council speakers). But, it went alright, and in a small branch like that, no one really minded. and i actually know everyone who was there, so it was all good. Anyway, thats basically it for now. I love you all so much! have an awesome week.
Elder Tayler Christensen