Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stacked the Bike

Hello Family and Friends!
well, it has indeed been a very interesting week. sounds like it was for you too. as for the rain, i've forgotten what it looks like. :( we had it sprinkle here one day, but that was basically it. it was sad. man, that father's and son's sounds like so much fun! its been ages since i was able to actually get dirty in the dirt and the mud. and cara, whats this about you going to disneyland with your friends?! i must have missed that memo, HOW did you pull THAT off? haha well i hope you have fun. dont do anything i wouldnt do. :P

anyway, yes, this week has been fun. on wednesday i stacked my bike for the first time on my mission! :P it was a lame stack though, i wasnt even going fast, and it only happened because i wasn't going fast enough to take my hands of the handle bars and i did anyway, and my front wheel did like a 160, which stopped the bike, but not me. Luckily, i came away with only a bruise on my left hand, a small road rash on my right hand, and some light scrapes on my arms. but, it wasn't nearly as scary as the last time i fell off a bike (and a cliff). Also, i got chased for the first time by a big dog. But i remembered a bit of training at Dad's office and i just swatted his head away with a Book of Mormon, which seemed to stop everything. Elder Mahoney got a kick out of the whole thing.

I also gave a 15 minute talk at church yesterday- assigned on saturday. turned out to be 18 minutes, and it wasnt anything extremely special, but it did the job. Its pretty sweet when you give a talk based on about 6 lines of notes that lasts for as long as you need it to. Apparently it was very well received. I just commented on elder Oakes' talk using my surgery story as the example. it was good. :)

anyway, we didnt get to teach much this week, but i dont remember if i talked about Tim in my last email or not, but we met him last sunday, and we had an appointment scheduled with him for thursday. so on tuesday, we were tracting around where his fellowship lives, and decided to knock on his door, and he invited us in, and told us that he had been meaning to call us all day, to reschedule the appointment for that night, because both he and Tim would be in the Solomon Islands starting Wednesday. lovely how the lord works. we werent even going to tract his street, but we decided to for some reason. anyway, we had another lesson with another investigator, then booked it back to teach this lesson, which went really well. Tim is really good, and very sincere. we'll see how it all goes. but he really liked us, and decided to take us out to dinner at Eagle Boys. (pizza shop) we also learned a lot of cool things about him, like he's ex-CIS (equivilent of our CIA) he knows Josh Groban personally, and for you siblings, you know the song "Home" by Doughtry? came out like a little over a year ago? ya, he wrote it. and there's another song that i've never heard before, called "Kiss the Rain" that apparently made it pretty big, he worte that too. so he's a talented guy, and very interesting.

So that's basically been the week. on Saturday we did basically a full day of service. we helped a lady in the branch put up a shade cloth on her back veranda, which meant that i got to climbe on the roof :D and we did that under the direction of Bother Watene, who happens to be like the coolest member here, and then since brother Watene does so much for us, and since he has had a back injury as of late, we mowed one of his lawns- he lives on a bunch of land. but i got to use a riding lawn mower, :D and the field was very dusty, so I got REALLY dirty :D. so it basically made my week to get out and do my kind of labor. amazing how much satisfaction i got out of working, especially for the benefit of others. it was just great.

I also started that study on the atonement of Jesus Christ. I'm writing down all the references to the Atonement that are in the Book of Mormon, and seperating them afterward based on if they talk about WHAT happened or WHY it happened. I havent quite finished 2 Nephi, and i already have like a page and a half of references the Atonement. its going to take a LOT of paper. :) which is kinda the point. anyway, that was the week.

anyway, thats the week, i hope you all have an amazing sunday and an amazing week!
love you!
Elder Tayler Christensen