Monday, May 3, 2010

New Area--One Year this Week

Hello my family and My friends!
This week has been awesome. the area is massive, but there's long stretches of nothing between the towns that are in the emerald branch, so we just stay in emerald, and we are full-time bike. no car. but emerald is small, so it takes like 10 minutes to bike from one end to the other. no worries, plus, it's good for me, my heart is in fact doing much better now. i have a lot more endurance. and as for being out for a year already... technically thats not for another 2 days the 5th of may. i'm not terribly excited for it though, because if there's one thing i have learned while i am out here, it is that i love being a missionary, and the thought of coming home is... scary and uninviting- not anything to do with the family, i just cant picture myself as not a missionary... it weird now, wearing p-day clothes... kinda feel naked. and they told me that when you get realeased, they tell you take off your badge... might as well rip an arm off! Bleh! but ya, not that i'm not excited to see yous but, man... scared. so ya, i'm stomping on the brake at the moment, hoping that time will go a bit slower, but as we all know... the first half to the mission goes slow... not the last half... but i'll be in denial that i have to go home at all til i get there... just because, i have grown so much. i know the pictures make it look like all fun and games, but the reason why i dont have pictures of the work is because you dont feel like stopping while you work. you want to get as much done as possible, and so getting pictures of the work happens only rarely... its an amazing thing to feel the spirit testify of little things you say to people, even when it's not land mark stuff- just little things like, "i know this gospel can make you happy" and "the book of mormon can bless your life in more ways than you could count." its just amazing. the fear of people is gone, "for perfect love casteth out all fear." i wont say that my love for the people here is perfect, because its not yet, but i'm leaps and bounds ahead of where i was at the beginning of my mission. anyway, some interesting stuff that has happened this week- got accosted by a big group of aboriginal Kids asking fo rmoney... we're not allowed to give out money, so we had to say no, but they wouldnt leave us alone... finally a cop pulled over and the kids scattered... i dunno if thats a common practice of theirs, but apparently they can get in big trouble for it... got actually threatened the other day, but it was by a drunk guy who couldnt really stand up straight... but the best part was teaching a guy called Rod. he's wasy cool, pretty young, and has accepted most everything we've taught. he may have a word of wisdom issue, but seriously, who doesnt in australia? but i think we'll be able to hit it on the head here pretty quick. we're on the verge of a couple other baptisimal dates with some kids of an eternigator, but so far we have just been doing a lot of finding, and getting to know the members... there arent that many, i've already met almost all of them. it's a pretty tight-nit branch- like unto a dish- :P and the meeting house.... haha i'll send you a photo, it's tiny, but it's respectable... it's an old fish and chips shop... but ya. anyway, thats been the week... oh! and i'm almost done with the study that president gave me, and i figured out the difference between mercy and grace- yes, there IS a difference... but i'm running it by president richards before i tell everyone just so i make sure i'm right... but it was an awesome day when i figured it all out. :)
anyway, my time is running out, I love you all so much! mum, good luck with your concert this weekend, you're in my prayers! and Cara, dont worry, I got a 3 on the english AP Test- and we all know you can do at LEAST as good as me, so dont worry about it. :D
ok, love you all!
Elder Tayler Christensen