Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tracting in the Rain

Hello Family!
Well, its been just another week here in emerald... nothing too exciting... Got some sort of food poisoning again on saturday... that wasn't fun. spent all day with a majorly cramped up stomach, ... it was yuck. but that was the worst of it. we were only able to teach one investigator this week... i'm sure you'll know what im talking about when i tell you we were SUPPOSED to have like 8 lessons this week with investigators, but as luck would have it, they all cancelled on us excpet one. but it was a good lesson. His name is Collin, he's in his early 50's and he a miner. I think he does both Coal and Sapphires. anyway, we had a lesosn with him where we watched the restoration DVD, and he really liked that. it really appealed to him. so we have another lesson set up for this coming wednesday. hopefully all our other appointments for this week actually go through. we'll see though. oh! on tuesday it rained and poured ALL day, and once we got soaked, we had a ball riding through puddles, drifting around corners, and hitting trees so that they let a lot of water fall on each other. but we got a lot of good work done that day, and tracting in the rain certainly has it's blessings. it was a good day. so that was basically the hightlight of the week. the rest of the week was basically a finding week. we didnt really do much else. but we had a bunch of less-active lessons and yesterday at church, 3 less-active members we were absolutely sure we would never see at church all showed up! it was great! and the branch just took them under their wing, and it was just great! but that was basically the week.
sounds like all yous had a fun week- rain is fun... exept for when its cold. yuck. and cara, you have fun in Disneyland. that sounds like fun, and come to think of it, i think you actually have mentioned it before. have fun. :) Anna banana, you're funny. and dont worry, its ok to miss a week of email. oh, Marissa, i got your letter last week and i just sent the reply today, so you should be getting it in like a week or so. Whitney, i still havent gotten your letter yet either, but it should be coming soon. Dad, i know EXACTLY what you mean when you say you wish you could pound the power of the atonement into some thick skulls... probably not in the same you deal with it, but still... its frustrating, ay?
anyway, its getting to be that time. time to go. sorry this email wasnt very entertaining. :P but i'll talk to yous next week!
love you all!
Elder Tayler Christensen